Monday, February 11, 2019

Nightwick Abbey 5e Houserules

With the Death of G+ I'm going to need to keep these somewhere new, so...

Nightwick 5e House Rules
Races Allowed: Human, Dwarf, Fair Changeling (Half-Elf), Foul Changeling (Half-Orc), Frogling

Classes: All but Monk and Sorcerer. Barbarian and Druid are pagan only. Cleric get domains from either Saints (Good) or Demons (Evil). Warlocks can't choose Great Old Ones. Paladin Oath of Ancients is allowed for Order of the Elk characters.

Domains and Saints: Knowledge - Saint Simon the Wise, Life - The Lady, Light - Richard the Prior, Nature - Saint Simian, Tempest - Saint Santa Claus, Trickery - Ralph the Liar, War - Saint Gax

Half XP from monsters. XP for gp value of treasure.

Variants from the DMG
Healer's Kit Dependency (Can't spend a hit die without someone spending a use of a healer's kit to bandage you)

Renaissance Firearms [with added random mishap table since TDC handgonnes are shittier]

Hitting Cover (if you would've hit a creature, but the bonus from cover meant that you didn't, the missile hits the cover instead. This can include your buddy)

Lingering Injuries (roll on table when reduced to 0 hp)



  1. tell us more about foul changelings...

    1. I'm sorry to get back to you so late. The basic idea I had (because a player wanted to be a half orc) is that changelings come in two types. Fair changelings are eerily beautiful while foul ones are terrible to behold. Both are created by the influence from Old Gods, fairies, or elves.