Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tales from the Cutthroat Tavern: Road Ghosts and Forest Lions

KhurshidSweetleafAnnapurna, and Ion Skamos decided to seek after the bell they had seen in the Dearthwood. For this purpose, the bought a cart, a mule, a specialized wheel and shoe for the bell, and hired on the services of a strange gnome teamster named Wickerbobibble. The gnome acted as if he knew Khurshid, but Khurshid did not act in kind. Taking detours through the winding streets of the City State of the Invincible Overlord, they were attacked by what Wickerbobibble identified as a “road ghost.” This ghost slew their mule and resurrected it as a foul undead. Ion was able to turn the mule, which proceeded to stampede onto regal street, killing a merchant and several farmers. The ghost also slew Sweet Leaf, though was unable to raise her before the combined efforts of the party destroyed it. They then set about dealing with the mule while Wickerbobibble took the dead merchant’s purse and disappeared down an alley.

Khurshid, mad at the inability of the mule to take a hit, took the cart and corpse back to Wailing Street and demanded a new mule to compensate. On the way they met Einarr, a skandik who offered to help with the mule. Due to his indignation, the merchant provided one rather than argue. On the way back to Regal Street the party bumped into a senator who identified them as “fuck heads” and asked if they could “steal some shit.” After a very hostile exchange between Khurshid and this senator, they agreed to steal the item from the manse of some noble courtesan and meet him in an inn in the noble quarter.

However, first they left the city to get the bell. Their first night camping in the Dearthwood they met a pair of Amazons who informed them that the Orcs of the Purple Claw were increasing in number, and that some of the orcs had split off to worship some kind of snake deity. Ion professed ignorance of this, but did note that Set didn’t have a newsletter. The next day they avoided a more warlike set of Amazons - likely associated with the Purple Claw - and found the bell.
After spending some time pulling the bell from the mire, they found that they were surrounded by a group of lions; a male and four females. These attacked but were driven off after three of the females were saved. They were able to return to the City State with the bell and without further incident.

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