Monday, May 6, 2019

Tales from the Cutthroat Inn: Against the Apes

...or Monkeying Around with the Rainbow Warriors!

Session Date
30th day of the Month of Portly Pomp through the 2nd day of Midsummer's Eve 4500 BCCC. (May 5th 2019)

Characters Present
Annapurna, Altanian Ranger 3
Grafari, Skandik Rogue 3
Green Sonya, Half-orc Barbarian 2(?)
Red Hawk, Altanian Fighter 1


  • We picked up where we left off last time - inside a large, bornite cylinder that perhaps acted as a culvert for some ancient civilization but now served as an abode for a mated pair of winged apes. The Rainbow Warriors wished to clear it so that they might use it as a staging area for resting near the Halls of the Black Spider.
  • Annapurna provided a bear trap for Grafari to place where he felt the apes were most likely to land. As Grafari did so, the rest of the party took positions among the canopy trees that encircled the culvert and prepared for the apes to arrive.
  • And arrive they did! The larger of the pair, who the astute naturalists of the party realized was the male, carried a dead lioness with him, which made his weight all the heavier when he stepped into the trap.
  • The female was caught by total surprise as the party rushed out to attack her mate. The male, however, proved to be tough even with his leg in a trap.
  • Green Sonya went into a rage, remembering a time she had seen a chimp tear apart a puppy on the streets of the City State. She threw herself at the male and began hacking at it and Red Hawk joined her to form the front line, telling her to keep her back against a nearby tree as it would prevent them from being surrounded. Annapurna added arrow fire while Grafari darted in and out of the fray with his short sword.
  • Before either of the beasts was slain, Red Hawk was forced out of the melee from a savage hit from the male which through him against the tree. Luckily he was able to separate himself without taking another hit.
  • This left both creatures to bring their full fury on Green Sonya. Despite the savagery of the apes' attacks, her inhuman continence allowed her to stand. Bolg the orc, who cowered in the nearby wagon, was very impressed.
  • Seeing that Annapurna and Grafari had significantly weakened the male, Red Hawk returned to flank it, throwing his handax into the fray and beaning the great monster between the eyes! It slumped as its life left its body.
  • The female howled in mourning while the party considered what to do - unsure if she would leave or if they could take another assault from her. Green Sonya moved to hide behind Annapurna with Grafari present to intercept the female if she came on.
  • Luckily, she fled, shooting up above the canopy in a single round.
  • Inspecting the lair closer while debating whether it would be safe to camp here, the party found a small bundle of treasure including a gem-studded set of silverware, a doll (which time in the City State would prove is magical), and two reddish potions.
  • They decided camping was necessary even if it was a poor idea, but luck was with them and they were able to avoid conflict with other denizens of the night.
  • At this point they decided it would be better to return to the City State so that they could ponder on their experiences and perhaps become wiser. Dealing with the Son of the Spider-god also now seemed foolish given the lack of people who could injure its incorporeal form.
  • On the way back, their wagon came into a fogbank near the tributary of the Conqueror's River they use to navigate.
  • Scouting ahead, Grafari soon found himself assailed by stranged, hunched humanoids who spit gobs of web at him. Were it not for his tremendous strength and speed, he may have been attacked by them but he was able to free himself and return to the party without further violence.
  • They then decided they would need to take a new route. After some debate they headed south deeper into the Dearthwood, but this turned out to be the proper way as they were able to make their way back to the City State without further incident.
  • Within the Cutthroat Inn they discussed whether or not they should investigate another hook until they can more reliably adventure with their cleric and warlock allies.

Monsters Defeated (over two sessions)
1 Orc Priestess and retinue, 2 Winged Apes

Treasure Gained
30gp, bejeweled utensils (500gp), doll of an Alryan girl (magical), two reddish potions

XP per player (Both Sessions)

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