Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tales from the Cutthroat Inn: Queen for a Night

...Slaughter by early morning's light!

"I smell... ORCS!"

Session Date
April 28 (28th Day through the 30th Day of the Month of Portly Pomp)

Characters Present
Annapurna, Altanian Ranger
Grafari, Skandik Rogue
Green Sonya, Half-orc Barbarian
and introducing... Red Hawk, Altanian Fighter!

  • The party, including members who weren't present but who discussed it beforehand, was able to have Annapurna raised from the dead by the Heirophant of the Spider God thanks to a reduced cost resulting from the favors they owed Green Sonya.
  • Green Sonya spent the rest of her week waiting for Annapurna to recuperate by spinning the spider-silk she got last week from the temple into scarves.
  • Grafari spent his downtime buying white lotus powder to snort and robbing merchants.
  • The party then decided to set out for the Halls of the Black Spider with their new companion, the Red Hawk (and his own companion, Big Red).
  • On the way out of the city they were heckled by a well-guarded Alryan senator, who accused Annapurna and Red hawk of being incestuous siblings. Red Hawk responded by commanding Bid Red to defecate on the men while Annapurna kissed him on the cheek and joked "actually he's my son." The senator stood gawping, covered in birdshit, as the four went on their way.
  • They elected to pick up their wagon from the Overlord's stables, since Big Red was able to drive it, and then attempted to proceed by their normal route up the Conqueror's river and by one of its tributaries to the Halls.
  • Unfortunately, Grafari noticed a set of odd trees while scouting. These cedars seemed to have strange, arm like limbs that were set to throw cedar fruit at passers by.  This forced the party to head east of the river early, and into the forest.
  • They attempted to make camp, but the damp weather meant any fire they made produce a great deal of smoke.  This must've been what attracted the orcs...
  • During Green Sonya's watch - the dead of night under the waxing Howla and the waning Vanis - a group of 10 orcs led by an orcish priestess approached the camp.  Sonya attempted to talk them out of combat, but mentioned they came from the City State (she did not know of the antipathy the orcs of the purple claw have for the Overlord).
  • The priestess flew into a rage, and a large half-ogre moved to block the party's wagon; however, the other orcs were shocked by the fight between two females and waited to see who would win.
  • Green Sonya chopped the priestess's muzzle in half with her greataxe and then was showered with praise from the orcs.  The half-ogre, seeing the way the wind was blowing, thrust her up onto his shoulders.  She then commanded them to get rest before they headed on to the Halls.
  • During Grafari's watch - just before the light of dawn - he noticed a set of four, furious unicorns approaching the camp.  Realizing they were here to kill the orcs, he woke Red Hawk and the two began preparing the wagon for an escape.
  • The Unicorns teleported close to the sleeping orcs and began slaying them.  The party, for its part, made its escape away from the trampling hooves and stabbing horns.
  • By the light of the next morning the party returned for their equipment, and were able to track down a single orc survivor (whose name was Bolg).
  • Around this time, Red Hawk proposed to name the party the Rainbow Warriors, or some variant thereof.
  • The Warriors then pressed on towards the Hills, but Annapurna was able to realize that they would arrive near the lions' den just at the time when lions are most active.
  • Instead they decided to search the adjacent hex for a permanent place to camp so they could travel a shorter distance each week to the dungeon.
  • They found a long pipe, perhaps some kind of culvert or ancient sewer, that was of a suitable size.  Unfortunately, Grafari was able to note that it served as the  lair for two winged apes who were currently away from their home.  
  • The Rainbow Warriors decided to wait in ambush so they could secure the lair for their own.
Tune in next week to see the Rainbow Warriors GO APE!

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