Monday, April 22, 2019

Tales from the Cutthroat Inn: Snakes!

Session Date
April 21 (21st Day of the Month of Portly Pomp)

Characters Present
Annapurna, Altanian Ranger
Grafari, Skandik Rogue
Father Thorne, Human Wizard
Green Sonya, Half-Orc Barbarian


  • The session began with the party performing their various downtime activities. Notably Green Sonya became a member of the cult of the Spider God in order to gain access to the spiders so she could use their silk to make "pretty dresses" with the sewing equipment gained last time.
  • The party also scrounged up the money to get Annapurna a restoration spell from the Temple of Odin. She had been preternaturally aged last time and was restored to her original age of 22, though she kept a shock of white hair.
  • The goal for this session was to return to the Halls of the Black Spider and finally finish off their quarry.  Grafari was selected to be the party's guide, but he failed his roll by a couple of points. If they had continued on over the next few days, they would've ended up slightly off target as he thought they were about a hex north of where they actually were.
  • However, just before trying to make camp for their first night, they were attacked by a great number of flying snakes.  Father Thorne noted in his mind that he had heard these creatures pester the Overlord's Light Cavalry, but he would not live long enough to relay this information.
  • Father Thorne was taken out in the first round by the creatures' potent poison. 
  • Annapurna decided to attack the snakes with bow and spell, but overestimated the efficacy of her magic and soon fell herself.
  • Grafari, deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, jumped into the Conqueror's River and began to swim towards the City State.  Some snakes followed him but he was able to avoid their bites by remaining mostly submerged.
  • Green Sonya tried for a time to fight the snakes, but soon realized Grafari had the right of it and joined him in the river.
  • That night the two remaining party members made camp, but then stole away to go retrieve their comrades bodies for burial. This occurred without incident, though they did notice that the snakes dangle rather precariously in their trees when they sleep.
Monsters Defeated
2 Flying Snakes

Treasure Gained
A fear of flying snakes and their potent venom

XP Per Surviving Player

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