Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nightwick: Fumbling in the Dark

Session Date
March 31st (Primus 31st, 1395)

Characters Present
Uein, Nordo Vulgarian Fighter 5
Fredrick Bull, Frogling Fighter 5
Abraham Nermal, Karslish Rogue 7
Stavros Chrysophylax Balsamon/"St Deodat", Zenopolitan Fighter 6
Captain Brown, Karslish Paladin 1
Mother, Human of Unknown Origin Wizard 1

  • The players decided to make their way down to level 3 and explore off of the seals they discovered last time, presumably in hopes of finding another undead Hochmeister of the Sword Brothers in hopes of finding a set of... well a different type of seal... in hopes of gaining access to an area on level 2.
  • While still on level one, they overheard a trio of devil-men having a conversation in Crowleyan. The party rudely interrupted and slew the trio and took the change from their pockets.
  • Once on level 3, the party decided to explore map-east of the floor-seals hoping to find a way to the bowling game and seeming gambling parlor from the reverse side. 
  • Unfortunately, they instead found a large crypt, like the one described by the cultist-pervert they interrogated last time.  As he had stated, it was the lair of one of the undead Hochmeister's... and a great number of Blind Bruders bound to him in service.
  • The Blind Dead fight in dense formations, which makes them quite susceptible to Kozel's spells from Saint Santa Claus, but without him the party of mostly front-line fighter types was at a significant disadvantage. They attempted to use the geometry of the doorway to limit the possible amount of hits they could take, but underestimated the reach of their pikes.
  • Also we learned that the way we had been doing attacks of opportunity was some 3e brain worms, and it is much easier for a large group to pile into somebody in 5e.
  • While they took no casualties, it was clear they weren't getting anywhere despite the resources they were pouring into the fight, so they retreated.  The Blind Bruders seemed willing to let them do so, themselves retreating back into the crypt.
  • They made their way to the second level, where their is a strange section of dungeon that they felt they may be able to take a short rest in.  They found this was true, but decided after the break that it was better to take the loss and retreat from the dungeon entirely for now and spend some time in the coming weeks dealing with the political situation.
Monsters Defeated
3 Devil-men

Treasure Gained

XP Per Player (including xp from treasure)

Normally I prefer a more narrative style of write up, but I think the bullet point versions are more likely to get written.  I still need to do one for the last Wilderlands session we did (and I plan to do at least a couple of more so they can kill the Son of the Spider-God). I had this one planned long in advance as a farewell to G+.

We attempted to use Roll20, which I think in general we liked but it has lots of problems with people's headsets or sound or something so it's likely we'll switch to discord for sound, Roll20 instead of a more generic whiteboard app.  People kept coming in and out of the session, but I don't think that will happen in the future (or at least not for that reason). We had discussed changing because of general worries about what will happen with Google Hangouts in the post-G+ world.

Finally I should note that I don't number the Nightwick Play Reports because keeping track of them on the blog, on G+ in my general feed, and in two different G+ communities made me lose count a long time ago.


  1. I’ve been using the Hangouts app and simply screw sharing to show a generic whiteboard since the demise of G+. It’s been working great as I hate fiddling with or wasting time setting up an app like with Roll d20. You can do hangouts through YouTube too if you want to record.

    1. Do you run a very dungeon-heavy game? I feel like it'd be really frustrating for both me and my players without a white board.