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The Comitatus

The Comitatus is the name given to the mini-pantheon of the Invincible Overlord and his companions who went through apotheosis after destroying a giant, metal "insect" from the era of the Uttermost War that nearly destroyed the City State.  The exact mechanism for this is lost to time.  Today the demigods are worshiped usually as avatars or subcults of another god (Bjorn the Mighty being worshiped at the Temple of Odin, for example). They have been represented below with the crude idols that represented them around the time of the destruction of the strange creature.

Bjorn the Mighty - Strength
Bjorn is the most prominent of the members of the Comitatus, since he currently acts as the Invincible Overlord. Bjorn is worshiped by small number of Skandiks as a unifying figure, and by warriors and hedonists within the sphere of influence of the City State.

Alanna - Forge
Alanna is believed to be the member of the Comitatus whose understanding of the magical devices of the past allowed them to slay the creature.  In addition to contraptions and crafts of all sorts, she is generally associated with luck; however, despite being perhaps the most important figure in the apotheosis she is seldom worshiped outside Thunderhold and its colonies.

Mannas - Nature
Mannas was a dwarven druid who was one of the reasons the magician Salassim bought the members of the Comitatus from the slaver on the Plaza of Pleasures in the first place. He was able to correctly identify the Druid Stone, and once he apotheosized he visited his dwarven wrath on the dragon who dwelled in the Majestic Fastness.

Sarpedon - Death
This Ghinoran necromancer was an expert at raising the dead and his skeletons fought many battles in the unification of the Skandiks.  However, due to the prominence of Hamarkhis and the Hellbridge Temple in the City State, his cult is unpopular.  Even the Overlord seems to favor Hamarkhis, though perhaps Sarpedon is viewed by him as a sub-cult.

Slithering Fang Shi - Trickery
Fang Shi was from distant Wulin which lies somewhere east of Kharak, though it is perhaps part of that empire. He was magician whose type of magic is now lost to the people of the Wilderlands, but perhaps the tiny sect dedicated to him could once again uncover it.  He is associated with snakes and serpents, especially black racers and other small garden snakes.

D'Gok - War
D'Gok is the most obscure of the Comitatus, being primarily worshiped in conjunction with either Tosthaggus or the Toad; however, his cult is firmly lawful and believes their patron to have been of true knightly virtue. The origins of D'Gok are obscure, but it is known that he wore a magical shield emblazoned with an owlbear.

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