Wednesday, November 20, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Abbey Session 9: In the Lady's Demesne

Characters Present
Ermel the Dagger - Karslish Human Ranger 3 (and writer of the recap)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish Human Rogue 3
Flint Lichtbringer - Dwarven Paladin and member of the Order of the Elk 
3Lucius Winterfell - Fair Changeling Warlock Hexblade 3
Arcturus - Dwarven Rune Knight 3

19th of November
The gold skull talks! His name is Edric! there are other pieces of him and none of us know this happened except Lucius. We furnished the house! We are now living in a rich burger class of dwelling! We go to the Abbey! We navigate ourselves back to the chasm and I fall in! Oops! Anyway Arcturus obligerates a door and uncovers cultists! Fight of them! Then five more!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!*** 13 dead cultists

We slew them mightily and then Arcturus decides to open up another door and there are nine skeletons!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!*** 9 dead skeletons

Broken bones. We collect 20 gold worth of precious metal plates from the table the skelemans were around. Arcturus kicks open the door the cultists were behind. There are stairs down and we go down them! Down there a scabbish wall with a black void hides within a sharp couple of rooms that are essentially safe room.s Lucius tries some magic things on the wall to no avail. We leave the safe room and go in the direction of voices which lead us to 6 devil-men who talk with us creepily before we engage! And then 10 more cultists

***FIGHT IT OUT!!*** 6 dead devil-men, 10 dead cultists.

After a rough start we prevail and uncover a chest with 1500sp and a potion of yellowish gold, also 2 [suits of] splint mail. We leave!

XP per Person

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