Wednesday, November 20, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Abbey: Session 8: Evil Takes Shape

Characters Present
Ermel the Dagger - Karslish Human Ranger 3 (and writer of the recap)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish Human Rogue 3
Lucius Winterfell - Fair Changeling Warlock Hexblade 3
Arcturus - Dwarven Rune Knight 3

12th of November [1395]
It's very cold in the Dark Country now so with the hardened ground there is more travel. A third of the townspeople of Nightwick are gone logging. We deal with the leper [sic] house belonging to the party now. We go to the Abbey! We go to the west [sic] tower and open door to the left. Lucius finds demon statues and nobody's what it means. We continue on to a large room with non-structural columns and alcoves. There's saintly depictions in the alcoves and one giant alcove with a depiction of the spherical God of Law but warbly and ruined.  One of the alcoves has a silver altar that Lucius takes and another has 200 silver pieces in their stone altar. We enter double doors and it's a spherical room! We have reflections and a couple attack us!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!*** 2 dead

They are vanquished by us and we leave the sphere room to enter another room with graphic depiction of a mouth on the floor and a sky in the ceiling. There are deer monsters!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!*** 6 dead

Dead deer, but there are more deer down this other hall! Seven of them.

***FIGHT IT OUT*** 7 dead

A hard-fought battle won and there are yet more noises in a door. There are piles of garbage with animl things under them!

***FIGHT IT OUT*** 5 dead

We killed the garbage beasts and found a trap pit and got across it. The room contains glass vials and a gold skull with ruby eyes. Then we found stairs to the second level of the Abbey! Then Adran finds another trap and disarms it. After an encounter with some baddies we turn back and hightail it back to Nightwick.

XP Per Player

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