Friday, November 1, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Session 7: Osculum Obscenum

Characters Present
Ermel the Dagger - Karslish Human Ranger 3 (and writer of the recap)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish Human Rogue 3
Flint Lichtbringer - Dwarven Paladin and member of the Order of the Elk 3
Lucius Winterfell - Fair Changeling Warlock Hexblade 3*

Arcturus - Dwarven Rune Knight 3*

29th of Shocktober
Prperations for the Halloween Muster are underway; no attacks from baddies just yet.  A noble wants to, rumor has it, setup a village in the ruins next to the Witchwood [Vollage]. Bad time to do it, since winter is arriving. But that doesn't concern us! Off to the Abbey! It has been raining so the evil kudzu is retreating because of the cold weather. We descend into the East Tower! We find a room full of broken furniture and deer velvet sheddings. The velvet is glowing and the room is breathing. Adran inspects a scab and it sprays him. We use the only other exit, a door that leads to a long hallway. We open a double doors and there are a bunch of 8 mites bowling!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!***

We mopped them clean. Then everyone but me picked up rocks that make them remember someone else's memories and age a year afterwards. Then we go to another door that leads to a bat squeaking and a door encrusted with bat guano. Adran lights the door on fire and we move on to the next door which leads to the room with MUNG written on papers and then the dancing room where we fought sparring skeletons. After that we find a room full of rusted weapons covering 1000cp. Adran collects it. We go back to the bat guano pre-room after it had burned.  In the post-guano room there is about 180 gold worth of silver slag which the two dwarves collect. The next door leads to a closed-off room that Adran explores and triggers a trapped lock. He finds a quicksilver potion and 250 silver pieces. We found ourselves in familiar territory so we go back to the sitting room and enter the door that was mysteriously a scabe beforehand which leads to stairs and a hallway that leads to more stairs and a door. Another room full of broken furniture and antler felt goop. The next room has the offending deermen in it.

***FIGHT IT OUT!!***

Six dermen down. We open a door into the sphincter room. We close the sphincter door and bar it closed. Unfortunately there are baddies!


After killing 4 time ran out and we left the Abbey!

Monsters Killed
8 Mites, 6 Deer-men, 4 Cadaverites

XP Per Player

* I let the two people who died from being lost in the dungeon remake at the same level they were (though with the base xp) because the lost in the dungeon table was triggered by my own physical malady.

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