Sunday, August 7, 2022

In Fair Cuccagna (Session 3)

True Monopods, not encountered during this session

Buying Clown Shoes - Blood on the Ground - Debating the Path - Awaiting the King - Monopod Massacre

Characters Present
Cristobert 1st Level Karslish Mountebank
Cruart Staig 1st Level Karslish Fighter
Jules Mozarin 1st Level Averois Magician
Craveel the Craven 1st Level Averois[?] Fighter

Homobon aka Hambone - linkboy turned man at arms (deceased)
Maria and Marco - complimentary one-armed porters (fled to parts unknown)
Testus - Man at arms (deceased before his deal could be sused)


  • Remembering the missive from the "King of the Monopods" that they must only return when they had something of value to the monopods, the party purchased 15 pairs of clown shoes, hoping that their prosthetic bigness would easy the dysmorphia spoken of by those proto-monopods of the Lapis Vaults.
  • They then purchased the services of a new man-at-arms, named Testus and purchased a polearm and armor for young Homobon, recently elated to receive the nickname Hambone.
  • Arriving by wormship they again made their way up the beach and through the gardens towards the Lapis Vaults.
  • They spied that something had moved the corpse of the cyclops they had slain last week, and hypothesized this to either be an enormous creature or a large number of little creatures (such as the toy dogheads).
  • They then debated whether to follow the blood - which most agreed would lead to an early grave - or through the secret entrance. Being without their mapper from last week* they had some discussion about whether or not this was the nearest to their desired destination - the "kingdom" of "monopods."
  • Entering through the secret entrance they had some doubts about their way but eventually landed on the correct door.
  • Beyond the door they found a number of proto-monopod guards on edge, but at least one of the guards was relieved to see Cruart's face.
  • He then left to go fetch the "King of the Monopods." Upon his majesty's arrival, Cruart dumps the clown shoes at their feet declaring they had brought something of value.
  • Unfortunately the party miscalculated. The King of the Monopods does not title himself the King of the Protomonopods and is rather deluded as to the size of his feet. A reaction roll determined his response: immediate attack!
  • "Kill them!" he shouted and his body guard rushed forward. The regular guards fled to rooms beyond as yet unexplored.
  • The ensuing battle saw all of the body guards fall but also saw the death of Testus, Homobon, and the second severe wounding of Cruart Staig. The king was wounded and fled to chambers beyond but the guards returned to try to drive the party out of the kingdom. Craveel rushes to close the door.
  • Jules rushed forward to patch Cruart up, but signs of monopods flanking from the side - evidently alerted by the guards - forced the party to flee through the secret entrance, Jules and Cristobert carrying Cruart together.
  • This handicap meant the monopods had the potential to gain on them quickly, and for a bit it looked quite close, especially since Marco and Maria broke into a full run and fled from the site of the party. Their whereabouts are still unknown.
  • The party did manage to make it to daylight where the protomonopods broke off the chase.
  • From there they limped back to the wormship and returned to the Great Wen.
Monsters Slain
3 protomonopod bodyguards

Treasure Gained

XP Per Player

* I use Foundry's lighting system but not its reveal fog feature. Given the complicated maps I use for dungeons mapping is still required to be able to find your way.


  1. Misread that situation, didn't they?

    "Do I look like some kind of clown to you?"

  2. These recaps are great, I am so glad you are back - looking forward to the next few!

  3. Sorry I didn't reply to your response a few posts back. These recaps don't disappoint in the least. There are some surprising similarities between what I imagined the grounds of Prospero the Blue's compound to be like and what craziness you have dreamed up. Other elements are wildly different. All of it great to read and inspiring.

    That curve ball delivered by that reaction roll is kind of unexpected "story" development this is all about.