Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cattle Raiding

Todays post over at Hill Cantons contains a link to the quite awesome PenDragon Pass.  Of particular interest to me is the Cattle Raiding System which is absolutely awesome.  Anyone well versed in pre-modern societies will know that cattle raiding is a fairly common practice among the elites in most of them.  I had planned on trying to figure out a way to represent cattle raids for Zenopolis and the Underworld, and adapting these rules doesn't seem like a bad place to start.


  1. Actually the Great Wall of China was built NOT to keep people OUT
    (it was breached multiple times),
    but to keep people IN.

    Ancient raiders seized the commodities of their time
    (gold, silver, firearms and bearer bonds were scarce);
    hence, they rounded up livestock, slaves and crops.

    Hence, after raiders breached the Great Wall, their options were few,
    laden down with goods they had several unpleasant options . . .

    seek to make a new breach in the wall
    (where runners would be posted)
    try to return thru the previous opening
    attempt to survive within the Great Kingdom

    neither option made Imperial Chin desirable picking for Mongols, Huns, etc . .

  2. Not surprisingly I agree that PenDragon Pass is quite awesome. I would love to figure out some ways to incorporate some of its ideas in my own campaign