Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 6

Session six began where the previous one left off: the party had sixteen Mites standing between them and the only known exit to the dungeon.  The resulting battle was fierce and involved quite a bit of flaming oil, but sadly both the Magic User Cornwell and his bodyguard Oderic were slain in the fighting.  After the Mites were dispatched,   Slick placed as many as he could fit on Oderic's spear and planted it in the ground as a warning "to other wandering monsters."

Back in town, they discovered that the price of goods had risen significantly due to the end of the fair and the coming snow.  This did little to distress the party as they had plenty of coin to spend on restocking their oil supply.  They rested for a little under a week and afterwards set out to replace their numbers.

They found a Magic User named H'oak (for the significance of the ' see last session, if you're wondering about Hoak, see the Ultimate Warrior).  They gave him Cornwell's spellbook in exchange for future services, and with that the new party headed out to the dungeon.

This time they elected to return to the crypts where the skeletons had previously repulsed them.  Here they found several of the skeletons still occupied the area.  This battle, much like the previous one, was long and saw the death of Keelyn the Changeling.  Eventually the party was triumphant and began to check the sarcophagi for treasures.

In the first one they opened, they found the body of their recently deceased Cleric Wodewick.  He had risen as a Wight and set about attacking them.  Slick was slain nearly instantly by the creature's level drain attack, but the others were able to escape thanks to Ffraid's ability to turn undead.

This rather short but calamitous session ended here as two of the players needed to roll up characters and it was nearing the time we usually stop.  The player's lamented the fact that this effectively put a halt on their leveling process as now only one character with previous experience is alive.  Due to our short session time (about 3 hours) the pace of advancement has been significantly slowed.  I may try to work out a compromise, but considering what they've actually done I'm rather happy with where they were at before half the party died.

I will now admit to being a rat bastard.  My players made a joke about anything being buried near the abbey turning into a wight.  They should learn not to do this while I'm listening, especially after they just interred a man in the dungeon itself.

Edit:  I'm not sure how I forgot to mention this, but during the encounter with the skeletons we established that they screech like the ones in Jason and the Argonauts.  The players then asked if they could understand what they were saying, and I let them roll a 1d6 a la Raggi's game to see if they knew the language.  The wizard H'oak is now able to speak and understand Skeleton Screeches.


  1. Why do I get the impression the wandering monsters aren't going to bow to such intimidation tactics?

  2. Nice. I enjoy these reports. It sounds like the Abbey is developing a good bit of flavor through play.