Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 5

Last night marked the 5th session of Nightwick Abbey.  Unfortunately we had to skip last week so that I could work on a funding application.  Session 5 more or less made up for that due to it's rather peculiar nature.

The characters were...
Slick, a Pagan Thief
Ffraid, a Pagan Cleric
Wodewick, a Lawful Cleric with a speech impediment
Cornwell, an noncommittal Magic-User
and Keelyn, a Pagan Changeling (starting this session Keelyn and any future Changelings will use the illusionist spell list instead of the Magic-User one)

Much of the session was spent in town.  The fair that started the session before was now in full swing, and the people were celebrating the feast day of Saint Ralph the Liar.  During these festivities, Wodewick was approached by a peasant who informed him that a priest wished to meet him in the Medusa's Head Inn.  Wodewick rounded up the party and headed over to the establishment, where they found a rather uptight priest in an opulent habit.  Father Timothy, for that was the priest's name, explained that he had been sent by the Bishop of Lichgate to keep an eye on Wodewick.

Slick, not liking this fellow, immediately went out to the fair to purchase something a bit odd.  He found a frogling jester who was willing to sell him a quasi-magical (and non-stat affecting) prank kit.  Slick, overjoyed, payed for it immediately and set about terrorizing the priest in every manner he could think of.

The party somehow managed to convince Father Timothy to come with them into the dungeon.  Once inside, they noticed that a passage which had formerly ended in a dead end now continued several yards into the darkness.  Upon investigating they found that the end of this new passage was a secret door that led into a crypt of some sort.  While attempting to pry open one of the tombs,  some creatures assaulted them with arrows from out of the darkness.  Wodewick was sadly slain.

They soon discovered there mystery assailants were Skeletons in strangely antique dress.  They managed to fight them off, and afterwards picked up what treasure they could gather from the crypts and return to town.  Once there, Slick continued to the molest the priest until the holy man resolved to leave the town.  He screamed a curse at all present and swore he would seek recourse with the Bishop.  Some of the party members felt uneasy at this turn of events, but Slick was content with himself.

Once the priest was gone, the peasants rejoiced and began a pagan rite practiced on Ralph the Liars day before it was Ralph the Liars day.  They asked the duridess Ffraid to officiate over the proceedings and she agreed. During the ceremony they sacrificed a young girl to stave off the monsters that come in the winter and to ask for good crops next year.  This was met with quite a bit more levity than I anticipated.

After this they returned to the Abbey with a new party member in tow.  His name was M'ongo (Pronounced Mu *rough breathing noise* ongo) who was dumb as a post but strong as an ox.  They returned to the room containing the strange tapestries and zombies from the previous session.  This time they made easy work of the undead fiends and began to search the library for anything useful.  The noise attracted an obscene number of Mites, and due to time constraints we had to end the session with a cliff hanger.

One thing that I've found interesting is how much the tone of a setting is dependent on the players.  The Nightwick Abbey sessions I've run so far are considerably more light hearted than I would imagine they would be in a vacuum.  Still they've been great fun and I look forward to continuing to run them.

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