Friday, April 15, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 12

So last session ended with our ne'er-do-wells...

Big Bad Barley Brownbeard, etc. etc. -- swarthy Dwarf "noblemen" and Fighter
Ffraid -- indignant Cleric of the Old Gods
Roger le Douche -- Noble scion of the le Douches of Mount le Douche and overzealous Paladin
Pillsen -- Craven and arrogant Magic-User
and Slimey -- greasy and cunning Thief, twin brother to the late Slick

found themselves lost in the twisting tunnels beneath Nightwick Abbey.  Low on spells and hit points, they tried to make their way to the entrance, but simply made a great circle back to where they started.  Desperate, they made a nearby room into a temporary shelter, barricading the doors and letting the fighters stay up to keep watch while Ffraid and Pillsen rested.

During their 3 hours into their 4 hour rest, those who were awake began to hear a pounding on the door.  3 hours and 50 minutes in, the creatures -- zombies it turns out -- burst through, and Slimey was forced to awaken his companions to face the onslaught.

As the zombies entered, they moaned "Paint!"  Each was carrying an empty paint can and a number of paint brushes that they used to surprising effect in the battle.  Still, the party managed to actually route the creatures.  Slimey herded them into a nearby pit trap they had discovered earlier, and once they had landed they began to paint with their paintless brushes.  Oddly, they seemed to be making very intricate designs, though no one could tell what they were due to their lack of paint.

They then settled in to rest once again so that the spell casters could gain their spells again, since the interruption had awoken them before that was possible.  Luckily, this time their sleep was undisturbed.  They then struck out down an Eastern passage.  It ended in a strangely shaped chamber with seemingly no exit.  They decided it must contain either a secret door or a trap, and since one of those may lead to the exit, they took their chances and investigated the room.

While doing so, a number of Mites appeared on the opposite side of pit trap they had passed over earlier using a rotted table from the alchemist's lab.  The party and the creatures exchanged missile fire, and eventually they Mites fled into the darkness.

Searching the room further did, in fact, reveal a secret door.  The party soon found the opening mechanism was a finger shaped hole they were loathe to test.  Still, Roger finally worked up the courage and managed to open the door to the chamber beyond.  Unfortunately, this chamber was filled with Mites, and a fierce battle broke out.

Due to the wounds they suffered, the party was forced to flee, and the Mites decided not t give chase.  At this point, wounded and tired, they decided to consult the skull to see if it could help.  Edrick was able to reveal the general direction of the exit, though not any more particulars, and the party attempted to make their way there as best as possible.

They came to a chamber containing two statues, dressed in the habit of the Sword Brothers, pointing at each other.  They decided this could only be trouble and left it for a future expedition.  Nearby, they found the burnt library where the zombies had previously been shelving books.  Since this now connected to the rest of the map, they were quickly able to find their way out.

In the torture chamber that lies just before the exit, they were molested by a large number of bats, but there were ultimately able to by pass the creatures by crawling on their bellies towards the stairs.  Once they had made it up, they were happy to see the dawn, and the glad party made their way back to the village of Nightwick.

Since Slimey's player was absent the previous session, he technically would not have been in the dungeon, but I wanted to move things along quickly.  There are bound to be one or two minor incidents I'm leaving out due to the span of time thats passed since Tuesday.  Still, this was more or less what happened, and despite the fact that it was a short session, it was a fun one.


  1. Cool. Nightwick Abby is a weird place. I like how the little mites are such dread foes in your games.

  2. Have you seen these "Mites" from Reaper?

  3. I had not. I'll have to pick some up as they're almost exactly like I pictured them.

  4. Yeah, mites suck and always come in packs of, no less than, 12! I think all you left out is the fact that we want to buy some paint too discover what the zombies are painting.