Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C is for Creatures

Very few members of the typical D&D monster list make their homes in the Desert of Demons or in Uz's Underworld.  Those that do are, with a few exceptions, are changed to be unrecognizable to the player.

Below is a list of the monsters that appeared beneath Uz when I ran it in Hattiesburg.  I would obviously have to add more before I have anything close to a complete milieu, but it served me well enough for three sessions.  Some of them may receive more treatment in future posts.

Acolytes (Varies) No. Enc. 1d8 (1d20) AC 14 HD 1 Move 12 HD 1 Treasure III (XXII) HDE/XP 1/15  Initiates in a cult.  Usually tasked with guarding specific areas.  Can cast one level 1 spell.  Usually wear heavy armor.

Carrion Worms (N) No. Enc. 1 (0) AC 14 Move 9 HD 2 Treasure None HDE/XP 3/60  Weird-looking maggot thing that causes paralysis on a bite (save or be paralyzed for 3d6 rounds)

Dero (C) No. Enc. 1d6 (4d6) AC 14 Move 12 HD 3+1 Treasure III (XIX) HDE/XP 3/60  Degenerate robots created by antediluvian machines acting on human victims.  Delight in torture of all kinds. Have metallic blue skin and milky blood.  Usually use bronze or iron weapons, but occasionally employ antediluvian technology.

Devil Bats (C) No. Enc. 1d10 (1d10) AC 13 Move 6/24 HD 2 Treasure None HDE/XP 2/30  Pallid Bat-Things from the demon moon.  Summoned to Earth by sinister cults.

Fanatics (Varies) No. Enc. 2d6 (0) AC 12 Move 12 HD 1+2 Treasure III (XIX) HDE/XP 2/30  Crazed devotees who guard religious sites.  Seldom are they spell-casters.  Attack infidels with +2 to hit rolls.

Ghourii (N) No. Enc. 1d6 (3d6) AC 13 Move 12 HD 2 Treasure None HDE/XP 2/30 Silent, hyena headed humanoids.  Eat only carrion or living sapient beings.  Surprise humans on 1-3 on 1d6.

Jewel Lizards (N) No. Enc. 1 (0) AC 16 Move 12 HD 2 Treasure XXI HDE/XP 3/60   Appear to be made out of gemstones.  Can hypnotize (save or be paralyzed for 1 round).  Likes the taste of human flesh.

Lizardmen (N) No. Enc. 2d4 (6d6) AC 14 Move 12 HD 2 Treasure II (XIX) HDE/XP 2/30  Reptilian humanoids who live in the desert or in underground areas.  Some varieties can also breathe under water.  Typically use stone or bronze weapons, usually spears.  Leaders have 6 HD.

Maggotmen (N) No. Enc. 4d6 (6d10) AC 12 Move 6 HD ½ Treasure I (XIII) HDE/XP <1/10 Small creatures resembling a combination of humans and maggots.  Use stone spears and daggers.  Live in damp places or where carrion is found.  Build huts out of mud, spittle and feces.  Leaders have 3 HD.

Magicians (Varies) No. Enc. 1d4 (2d4) AC 10 HD 2 Move 12 HD 2 Treasure III (XXII) HDE/XP 2/30  Magical practitioners of various sorts.  Usually unarmored.  Wield knives or staffs.

Men-at-Arms (Varies) No. Enc. 2d6 (1d4 x 10) AC 12 Move 12 HD 1 Treasure III (XXII) HDE/XP 1/15  Various types of armed men and women.  Usually wear leather, sometimes carry shields.  Usually use spears but other weapons are also common.  Leaders have 4 HD.

Morlocks (C) No. Enc. 1d12 (5d10) AC 13 Move 12 HD 1 Treasure III (XX) HDE/XP 1/15 Degenerate descendants of modern man.  Use stone tools, but occasionally can be found in antediluvian finery.  Leaders have 4 HD.  Take a -1 penalty when fighting in daylight.

Rat-Lizards (N) No. Enc. 3d6 (3d10) AC  12 Move 12 HD ½ Treasure XX HDE/XP <1/10  Strange, furred mammals.  Hate light and take a -1 to hit in daylight.

Rot Fiends (C) No. Enc. 1d4 (0) AC 12 Move 9 HD 2 Treasure XXV HDE/XP 3/60  Demons who cause wood to rot on touch (save allowed).  Appear as grossly decomposing old men of no taller than 4’.

Scarabs, Giant (N) No. Enc. 1d8 (2d6) AC 15 Move 12 HD 1+3 Treasure None HDE/XP 1/15  Giant carrion eating beetles.  Found in underground places.

Scorpions, Giant (N) No. Enc. 1d6 (1d6) AC 14 Move 12 HD 1+3 Treasure VII HDE/XP 3/60 Giant scorpions that have a deadly poison (+1 to saving throw).

Shadows (C) No. Enc. 1d8 (1d12) AC 12 Move 9 HD 2+2 Treasure XVII HDE/XP 3/60  Incorporeal, undead creatures.  Only harmed by magical and silver weapons.  Appear as mere shadows.

Skeletons (N) No. Enc. 3d4 (3d10) AC 12/13 Move 12 HD ½ Treasure None HDE/XP 1/15  Remains of long-dead warriors animated by foul magic.  Typically armed with ratty weapons and armor.

Spitting Lizards (N) 1d8 (2d6) AC 14 Move 9 HD 1 Treasure None HDE/XP 2/30 Small, bipedal lizard with strange frill that flings acid.  Causes 1 die of damage and victim takes a -1 penalty on all to hit rolls for one day or until cure light wounds is cast upon them.

Statues, Animate (N) No. Enc. 1d6 (1d6) AC 15 Move 6 HD 3 Treasure XX HDE/XP 4/60 Statues animated by one of many sorts of magic.  Never check for morale and are immune to all magic not cast by their creator.

Swarms of Bugs (N) No. Enc. 1 (0) AC 11 Move 6 HD 2 Treasure None HDE/XP 2/30  Flesh eating insects that treat all targets as AC 10.  Deal 1 die of damage to all targets in 20’ x 20’ square (1 in 6 chance of being poisonous).  Takes 1 damage from normal attacks, but fire does full damage and scares it.

The Tormented (C) No. Enc. 1d6 (0) AC 11 Move 9 HD 1+1 Treasure I (XXII) HDE/XP 2/30  Strange creatures born of Moloch’s hate.  Glow as a torch but pale green.  Regenerate 1 Hit Point each round.  Constantly scream in anguish over their terrible lives.  Never surprise opponents.

Warriors (Varies) No. Enc.  2d4 (2d6) AC 14 HD 3 Move 12 HD 3 Treasure III (XXII) HDE/XP 3/60  Hardened fighting-men.  Motivations vary.  Outfitted according to the situation.

Zombies (N) No. Enc. 2d4 (4d6) AC 11 Move 6 HD 2 Treasure None HDE/XP 2/30  Freshly dead humans reanimated by foul magic.  Use whatever they had available in life.

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  1. Great stuff & I especially love seeing LBB-OD&D/WB monsters!