Thursday, April 28, 2011

Someone Make This their Campaign Map

Sadly, this one doesn't include the names of the sons of Noah, but it's pretty representative of a Mappa Mundi.

I myself am thinking of basing the planes in the Dark Country off of the Spheres

Ok, back to my blogging break.


  1. The world of Mittellus is seen by its inhabitants just as schematically, but with Cold/Hot at the ends of the North/South axis and Wet/Dry at the ends of the East/West.

  2. I like it. The more I mess around with fantasy maps, the more I'm tempted to start using elemental poles instead of magnetic ones.

  3. I'm going for a map like the first for my theoretical OD&D/Pendragon "Game of Thrones/Book of the Long Sun" inspired campaign; it would have a literal "edge of the world" as well.

  4. I have several old maps of Greece/Asia Minor/Libya surrounded by River Ocean that may see use at some point.