Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dark Country Canon Map

recent post over at Grognardia, combined with my desire to fit the Dark Country on a Wilderlands sized hex map, has gotten me thinking about the state of "canon" in my campaign.  Out of the whole of my currently massive map the players have explored this:

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Here is a key

Cities, Towns & Villages
Hex # | Name | Population | Type | Alignment | Ruler (Name; Level; Alignment; Class/Race) | Resources
0101 | Lichegate | c. 10,000 | Settler | L | Bishop Notker the Unshaven; 12; L; CL| Market
0302| Hommlet | c. 200 | Settler | L | Burne the Green; 8;  L; MU | Seasonal Market
0605 | Nightwick (Village) | c. 500 | Settler | N | Lord Eckhard; 6; L; FTR | Forest products

Hex # | Creature | Pop.
0504| Hobgoblins | 20
1110| Goblins | 60

Hex # | Description
0706 | In a weed choked patch of forest lie the ominous ruins of Nightwick Abbey

The two lairs listed represent what they were like when the players first encountered them.  They're not sure how many goblins are left, but the hobgoblins were wiped out to a... hobgoblin I guess.

Anything not on the above map is fair game right now.  I still plan on basing the area off of the Carpathians as interpreted by Hammer films, but everything else is a bit up in the air right now.  At least that which is outside the players' vision.

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