Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dark Country Wilderlands Map

click to embiggen

Here is a version of the Dark Country that's been refitted to fill an area roughly the size of a Judges Guild map.  I hope to transfer it to a blank Judges Guild hexmap sometime in the near future.  I wanted to get it hammered out before I scribbled some nonsense on the map, so here is my first attempt.

I used Welsh Piper's system as usual, and I've generated the number of encounters which will be on the map. Oddly it came up to 25 major encounters, and 40 minor encounters exactly.  I'm going to place them pretty much as I see fit, and then I'm going to use the various guidelines in the Wilderlands and OD&D to determine what the ruins and castles contain.  I'll post a stocked version later with a complete key and encounter tables.


  1. Speaking of which, your stuff (incl. two blank hexmaps) should be going out Saturday morning.

  2. My favorite thing about this map is how natural the rivers look.