Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nightwick Village Minisetting

I still do not have regular access to the internet and I won't until Wednesday.  Right now I'm at the University using the internet there.

During the moments when I haven't been moving or unpacking things, I've been working on my current campaign.  I did a more detailed write up for Nightwick Village that was partly inspired by flipping though Verbosh and partly inspired by Scott's belief that he "could do that."  I decided to see if I could, on a smaller scale.

I'll be scheduling the content I have so far to post in three parts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Due to the fact that I have no regular access to the internet, I cannot use the free version of hexographer to work up a small map to go along with it.  Hopefully this will be rectified by Wednesday and I can post one by Thursday.

If enough people show interest in this I may begin working on a larger product for the whole dark country.  This would include some information already on this blog, such as Froglings and the Piteous Worm, along with things that have yet to be developed in play.  Due to the nature of my campaign, it'd likely be a very long time before I actually had a workable manuscript.

The minisetting will assume you're using my terrible goulash of rules, but they should be easy enough to convert.  This version will be totally 100% free, but it relies on AD&D too much to be released under the open gaming license.  As such, it's just my stupid little fan thing.  If I do a bigger version I'll try to fill in the gaps left by using Labyrinth Lord with new content that emulates the way the specific AD&D monsters I'm using show up at my table.

Neither the minisetting nor the hypothetical larger product should be viewed as "canonical."  The version I play with uses a different map, the Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II, none of which I can easily provide.  They will also not contain maps of Nightwick Abbey, as I've used many of the geomorphs available throughout the OSR and don't really want to take the time to make a whole new megadungeon I'm not actually going to use.

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  1. At this point, I don't really care about the OGL, I just do stuff with D&D stats and if someone wants to freak out about it, they can go nuts.

    I wouldn't sweat edition, etc., either. Anyone who can't convert between early versions of D&D probably doesn't have brain space available for anything other than involuntary survival functions anyway.