Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dark Country Rules

This is a vague summary of the rules systems I currently plan on using when I restart the Nightwick Abbey campaing.  All of these use Labyrinth Lord as a base.

The original iteration of Nightwick Abbey that I ran before moving to Knoxville use the Swords & Wizardry: White Box along with a completely homebrewed monster list.  This represents the current state of the campaign.

Some really astute readers will note some inconsistencies with earlier characters, such as Ffraid the Cleric who used the RC rules that level 10 Clerics become Druids.  Since she died in the TPK I've decided to make Druids a base class.

Men & Magic

-          Availible Character Types
o   Humans
§  Clerics
§  Druids
§  Fighters
§  Magicians
§  Paladins
§  Rangers
§  Specialists – as LotFP:WFRP
o   Demi-humans
§  Changelings – as Elves in LL, but roll on trait table and use Illusionist spell list
§  Dwarfs – as per AEC
§  Froglings – See separate handout
§  Gnomes – as Halflings in LL
-          General Skills – as LotFP:WFRP
-          Secondary Skills
-          Alignment – Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
-          Languages – as LotFP:WFRP
-          Age
-          Multiclassing (Humans and Dwarfs only)
-          Character Inheritance
-          Equipment – as per AEC except for Ascending AC
-          Spells – as per AEC

Monsters & Treasure

-          Use MM, FF, and MM2, converting alignments to the three point alignment system where appropriate
-          Some monsters have considerably different ecologies than the ones provided in the various AD&D books.  Dark Country descriptions always trump AD&D descriptions.
-          Use XP system from the DMG
-          Magic items and treasure from AD&D

Underworld & Wilderness Adventures

-          Use Evasion Table from the RC
-          Use encounter table system from MM2

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