Monday, August 1, 2011

Nightwick Village Minisetting Part I: Overview of the Village

3923 | Nightwick Village | c. 150 Men |Eckhard the Bear; 6; L; FTR | Forest Products

Nightwick Village is a small settlement in the shadow of the infamous Nightwick Abbey.  It was once a prosperous town and almost as large as Lichegate.  After the war that destroyed the demoniac Sword Brothers, the population steadily moved to less haunted ground.  The few settlers who still call the town and the surrounding countryside home are a tough lot who are used to raids by strange creatures and apparitions.  They do not suffer fools and are quick to distrust strangers.  Despite the fact that it was originally founded by settlers from the West, most of the current population is made up of pagan woodsmen and farmers.  They rarely practice their rituals openly and often pay lip service to the God of Law, who they view as just another Old God.

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