Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 22

This was the second session with the fresh crop of PCs.  Two more players were able to attend this time, and they made their two new characters such that the list of characters was...

Beauregard E. Beauregard, Beb for short, reckless paladin
Scrottie McBallsworthy, Magic user with a strange accent and silly hat
Rory Le Douche, the less honorable brother of the now deceased Roger
Geraldine DuBeers, Cleric of God of Law descended from wine makers
Falcon the Killer, Ranger with a mysterious past (don't they all have mysterious pasts?)

The party still had some hirelings, but decided to hire a few for a onetime expedition into the dungeons beneath Nightwick Abbey.  Some of them took the offer, but one overheard some of the party members joking about their survival chances and decided to pass.  Not discouraged, the party set off to the Abbey.

This time, they elected to investigate the left tower, an entrance that has not been used in 21 sessions.  Crawling down it's trapdoor they found it possessed a structure very similar to the right tower beneath it.  They explored several hallways beyond that structure, and eventually found a strange set of dead end passages.  Certain that their must be some secret door, the party searched for one vigorously.

They soon found one that lead to a tomb complex familiar to the players but not their characters.   They immediately sought to leave, but a surprise role soon made that impossible.  They were set upon by two wights, one who appeared to be in the garb of a lawful Cleric, the other a goat-horned changeling.  Consistent readers of these reports may remember that two characters matching this description met their end in a similar chamber.  The fact that one of them was a wight was already known to the players who were surprised to see the other.

Sadly Geraldine was slain fairly quickly, while Rory lost a level to the creatures' touch.  I ruled that if they destroyed the monsters within the next 24 hours, he would regain his lost levels.  The players, desperate and lacking in significant magic to destroy the monsters began throwing oil flasks.  This seemed to work excellently.  Soon the creatures were not but ash.  They immediately searched some nearby tombs, fearing that more such creatures lived in the nearby tunnels.  They managed to find 5,000 gold pieces before fleeing to the surface.

It should be noted that Falcon acted immediately after the combat, cutting off Geraldine's head and stuffing a brick in her mouth to prevent her becoming a wight.  They also took her body with them to the surface at the request of Beb.

All in all it was a good session, but we don't yet have a standard rule for how to deal with dead characters.  I'll have to figure that out before next weeks session.

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  1. stuffing a brick in her mouth

    "Do we have any holy wafers?"


    "Um, someone say a prayer over this brick."