Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Dark Country Monsters

Goblin Spider
No. Enc.: 0 (1)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (30' human form)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6+4
Attacks: 1 (bite) or 2 (claws, human form)
Damage: 2d6, poison or 1d8/1d8
Save: F6
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: XIX
Level/XP: 9/410+6

Goblin Spiders are horrible shapeshifters that can be found in remote places throughout the World, though they prefer remote wilderness locales.  Each has two forms.  One is that of an enormous, venomous spider and the other is that of a human.

In their spider form they appear as an enormous wolf spider.  Their bite is quite venomous and failure of a Saving Throw causes a hideous death.  The victim becomes paralyzed and dies within 2d6 rounds.  They are also incredibly stealthy, surprising on a 1-3 on 1d6.

In human form they universally appear as wizened crones whose wrinkles are so numerous they appear as spiderwebs crisscrossing her face.  Small spiders will occasionally wriggle in and out of these folds.  In this form they possess a number of magical powers.  Three times per day they may cast the spell charm person, twice per day they may cast web, and once per day they may cast invisibility on themselves.  This invisibility will still be maintained if the Goblin Spider changes into a spider.  Regardless of the form, the Goblin Spider may only be hurt by +1 or better weapons.

They usually lair in isolated cabins, and pretend to be a welcoming old woman simply looking for company.  Most people in the Dark Country are too smart for this tactic and the Goblin Spider is not above simply ambushing them while invisible.

No. Enc.: 1d6 (2d6)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 2 (claws)
Damage: 1d8/1d8
Save: F4
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: XXI
Level/XP: 6/90+4

Hoggsbies are a type of undead creature which has stayed in one place so long that it has literally merged with its home.  They normally appear as skeletal or rotting corpses draped in brown rags with sharp, iron claws.  They are always found in a barrow, dungeon or other such locale.  Here they can appear as a piece of furniture, section of wall, pile of rubble or some other dungeon feature.  When a character is unlucky enough to come near one they animate, attacking with their two claws.  They always gain surprise unless the character being attacked is a Ranger or Frogling, in which case they gain surprise on a 1-2 on 1d6.  A Hoggsby cannot be hit except by +1 or greater weapons and possesses undead immunities.


I've attempted to use the AD&D xp system for this entry, but I'm not sure if my math is right.  Otherwise they should be compatible with any sort of OSD&D you wish to use them in.


  1. Impressive writeup :-) Just did a conversion nod to Dark Dungeon 2nd ed