Monday, June 25, 2012

Uz G+ Session 1 Report

Yesterday, I ran Uz for the second time on G+.  The reason this is "Session 1" is that it's the first time I ran it during the time slot it will normally appear in and I had a considerably larger party.

Map by Mike D

I started writing a really long session report, but it became apparent rather quickly that it was pretty tedious and no one was going to read it.  So here are the highlights from the session instead:
  • Waw, Priest of Kothar, managed to get the party past some guards who were patrolling the undercity entrance by threatening what they love most: their pension.
  • As with the first session, there was quite a bit of philosophizing by the characters, particularly on matters relating to death and Mot's insatiable maw.
  • The party explored what appeared to be some kind of tomb or temple complex dedicated to Manugal, the Judge of the Dead.  Almost all the depictions of this goddess were flanked by figures with large, spherical heads, four sets of wings, and strange arm bands that would look to a modern observer not unlike a wristwatch.
  • They found a bunch of statues of those dome-headed guys, and the statues shot that red laser that turns non-gold metals and flesh into goop.  This party was considerably better at getting pas these than the Hattiesburg group was when dealing with similar traps.  This was particularly due to the quick thinking of Waw and Aka the Bloodstained.
  • Every time I've rolled on the SBVD critical table so far, someone has died.  Alas, Juba son of Juba!  Oh, and that hireling too I guess.
  • Eshimur, Priest of "Nobody Important Really," was able to warn the party that the Eternal Servants - zombie-type guys whit weird tattoos - had to be burned in order to keep them from reanimating.  I had hoped someone would just chop them up or something so I could have little hands crawling around, but such is life.
  • Unlike the tombs that were explored in the first session, the tombs the party explored this time had already been looted.  This greatly perplexed Ubara the Man-God and Eshimur.
  • Ubara warned his party not to enter a particular room because it contained a grisly scene.  Why he was so disturbed by it is unknown.
  • The party also bumped into a number of Phutian bandits that were trying to loot the complex as well.  They killed one of the Phutians by activating one of those statue-laser-traps, and the other three surrendered.  These were sold into slavery.
  • Maggot men are hideously disgusting, and the party was not willing to let their bodies lie dead for fear that smaller monsters might pop out of them.
Running Uz again has been a really fun experience, and something about designing stuff for those sessions excites me in a way that Nightwick Abbey sometimes doesn't.  I think it's because it's in such a primordial state at this point that I get to see where it's going to go and be surprised by it along with everyone else.


  1. Sounds like a blast - I would've loved to read the long report but I know how grueling it is to write those, especially right after a session.

  2. I actually really prefer these highlight-reels instead.