Friday, June 15, 2012

What Uz is Like

Precis: Clark Ashton Smith, H P Lovecraft, and Erich von Daniken rewrite the Old Testament and the Epic of Gilgamesh.  The Ancient Near East meets 50s sci fi and Ufology.

Conspectus: A dying Earth covered in decadent, Bronze Age city-states; weird alien gods that use their hideously mutated priests as conduits for psychic powers; squat, domed temples made of solid jade; high tech weapons left by Antediluvian civilization, and ancient aliens; primitive Reptoid bands roaming the desert on giant lizards; irradiated wastes ruled by the Devils of Steel; underworlds of great antiquity lying just beneath the surface of massive cities; morlocks, mu-tants, and martians, oh my!; horrible vats used to create new forms of unnatural life; Dagazar I, King of Uz; Uz, the First City of Men; Almodad, the Jewel of the Desert; Phut, the City of the Sea God; New Jerah, the City of the Warrior Women; Gether, the City of Slaves; the ruined city of Old Jerah with its vast necropolis; Necromantic Ones sealed in ancient vaults

Taste, Sound, Image: Dolma, Hawkwind's "Spiral Galaxy 28948," Reynold Brown's poster art


  1. Awesome - looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks guys!

    I did this post because a couple of people on G+ had asked me to give a quick rundown of what Uz is like. It's actually pretty crystallized in my head.

  3. Grognardia pointed me in the direction of Uz, and I like what I see. Incidentally, my musical inspirations for my campaign world also come from Hawkwind.