Monday, June 18, 2012

Uzite Property Owner's Guide

One thing I've noticed while running Nightwick Abbey is that PCs tend to amass a large amount of money without much to spend it on.  This has been a problem for DMs as long as D&D has existed, and it has produced such mechanics as Orgies inc., carousing, training costs, and magic item shops.

For Uz, I decided that I want to have discrete lists of flavorful items PCs can purchase rather than an abstract system.  Today I'm presenting a rough draft I've been working on for purchasing homes and estates for posh PCs.  I've also worked up a system for generating the slaves and hirelings that are available in a given week, but that one still needs a bit of explanatory text before I can present it.

As always I am stealing from better minds.

Uzite Property Owner’s Guide

TypeCost (gp)Upkeep (gp/year)Number HousedAvailability
Reed Hutnoned6 12
Reed Longhouse, Suburband6 x 100d6 x 5104
Reed Longhouse, Urband6 x 100d6 x 10106
Mud Brick House (one room)d6 x 200d6 x 2058
Mud Brick House (courtyard)d6 x 1,000d6 x 501012
Palace, Smalld6 x 10,000d6 x 1001514
Palaced6 x 100,000d6 x 1,0002018
Palace Complexd6 x 200,000d6 x 2,0003020

Cost represents the variable cost that one will have to pay for a building once a suitable candidate is found.

Upkeep represents the amount of gold needed to maintain the houses amenities and to pay taxes.

Number Housed represents how many the building can house comfortably.  This number can double or even triple, but at the cost of one's quality of life.  Increasing beyond this number increases the chance that a building of reed-based construction will burn down.

Availability presents a target number the prospective buyer has to beat on a 1d20 roll (modified by the circumstances of the campaign).

Houses of Reed-Based Construction must check each month to see if they are razed by accidental or purposeful means.  Their is a 10% chance in normal weather and a 15% chance in times of drought.  Wet months, which are exceedingly rare, only present a 5% chance.

If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

EDIT: I updated the prices to be more in line with the tables for slaves and hirelings.


  1. Hi there! Looks good, and better than the random taxes and unexplained expenses I use...

    I'd treat the 'Availability' column as a minimum level instead, with RPing potential to sort out if there is one and how well situated it is.

    1. "Minimum level" is a bit too meta of a category for my tastes, and I enjoy the idea of some low level guy buying a palace but not having the funds or manpower to protect it.

  2. Looks very good. If anything, I would think that the cost and upkeep of the Palace and Palace Complex are a bit low. But it all feels pretty good, and if it fits the economy of your campaign - then that is all that matters!

    1. Yeah, some of the prices need fixing, especially the palaces.