Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nightwick Abbey Campaign Map

I used the Welsh Piper's Hex-based Campaign Design system for this preliminary map.  It's pretty rough at this point, and only shows the locations the players would be aware of.

01.06 Lichgate -- Largest city on the frontier and seat of the local bishop.
05.04 Nightwick Village -- The remnants of the town which sprung up to cater to the knights at Nightwick Abbey.  Now just a small farming and logging village.
07.05 Nightwick Abbey -- I'm going to assume you know about this one by now.
08.02 Trading post -- A small trading post where merchants from the West meet to trade with the Barbarians.

That's about it.  I'm going to sprinkle, and have already sprinkled, various lairs and minor adventure sites across this little map.  If I need more map, I'll make more with the campaign design system mentioned above.


  1. I like the map very much! And thanks for the link to the subhexe template ;)

  2. Nice map--your volcano intrigues me.

    Also good to see the Hex-Based design system get some use. I'm always open to suggestions, so please feel free to tell me where it's lacking.