Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is a monster for your Swords & Wizardry White Box campaigns.  It is largely meant to take the ecological niche of both Wight and the Vampire (though I will be including an altered form of Vampires in my campaign).  If you see any glaring issues, please comment.

AC : 13
HD: 3-5
Attacks: Claw or Bite (See Below)
Saving Throw:  13
Special: See below
Move: 6/60 (When Flying)
HDE/XP: 6/400; 7/600; 8/800

Varkolaks are the undead creatures created when a wicked person’s soul is prevented from entering Heaven.  These creatures are often associated with those who die in the wilderness, though they are equally likely to appear in graveyards and barrows.  When Varkolak does appear in such a place, it is usually blamed on improper burial practices or the sinful matter in which the Varkolak died.

The natural form of a Varkolak is horrible to behold.  They appear as a ruddy and bloated corpse with a singular, cyclopean eye in the middle of its forehead.  They are able to transform into various woodland creatures, the specificities of which vary from Varkolak to Varkolak.  Even when not in animal form, Varkolaks can fly at a speed roughly equal to a hawk or other large bird of prey.

Varkolaks take no damage from non-magical weapons, but take normal damage from silver or magical weapons.  A Varkolak will appear to “die” after being struck by a normal weapon for an amount of damage equal to or greater than its hit points, but it will reform the next night and continue its reign of terror.

Varkolaks sustain themselves on human blood.  The round after making a successful Bite attack, the Varkolak may choose to do automatic damage to its opponent.  The Varkolak must do nothing else this round, but regenerates half the damage done.  Victims killed by a Varkolak must make a Saving Throw vs. Death or become a Varkolak themselves.  When this happens, the new Varkolak will usually fly miles away to terrorize another community, and it is rare – though not unheard of – to see more than one Varkolak active in the same place.


  1. I think a typo here:

    Varkolaks take no damage from magical weapons, but take normal damage from silver or magical weapons