Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Witch (Rough Draft)

Here is a new class for your Swords & Wizardry White Box campaigns.  It is in rough draft form and the spell list is not yet complete.  I suggest using a combination of Druid and Illusionist spells if you want to add it before the final draft is completed.  I'll be taking suggestions and reposting it later.

Witches and Warlocks are individuals who have made some form of pact with an otherworldly entity, often a demon or some sort of fay creature, in order to gain magic powers.
                                                Witch Progression Table
Level               Experience                  HD                  BHB                ST                    
1                      0                                  1                      +0                 14                   
2                      2,750                           1+1                  +0                 13                   
3                      5,500                           2                      +0                 12                   
4                      11,000                         2+1                  +0                 11                   
5                      22,000                         3                      +1                 10                   
6                      44,000                         3+1                  +1                 9                     
7                      88,000                         4                      +2                 8                     
8                      176,000                       4+1                  +2                 7                     
9                      352,000                       5                      +3                 6
10                    704,000                       5+1                  +3                 5

Class Abilities
Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Witches may not wear any armor, and they may only use daggers, staffs, darts, and slings as weapons.

Spellcasting: Witches cast spells at the same rate as a Magic-User; however their extra spells per day are dependent on their Charisma bonus instead of their Intelligence bonus.  They also receive their own spell list.

Shapeshift: At character creation, Witches select one type of animal they may transform into.  This may be done any number of times per day.  The animal must be small and not terribly combat effective such as a rat or a raven.

Alchemy: Witches may brew potions in the same manner as Magic-Users, but may not create any other magic items.

Saving Throws: +2 vs Magical Effects, -2 vs Fire.

XP Bonus for Charisma: This bonus is for a high Charisma score.


  1. I'm a wise ass even when I write stats.

  2. At first glance, I have to say excellent :)

  3. @ The Myth

    Not too many things have a water breath weapon. Can't really see when the save could come up, but I did think about it.

  4. @ The Myth:

    Witches are good with water, they float on it because unlike regular people (who would sink like a stone) witches are made of wood. At least that is what I would have.

  5. Chello!

    Love it. Something new for WB. :)