Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Dark Country

It should be obvious by now that my campaign owes quite a bit to old Horror movies, particularly those by Hammer Films, Universal Studios, and Roger Corman (well, his Poe ones at least).  I believe it was a commentary on the Wolf-Man that noted that the Universal films, and I would argue the Poe and Hammer movies, take place in a kind of timeless Horror-movie-land.  TV Tropes, by way of Terry Pratchett, calls this place Uberwald, and in some sense my campaign takes place there.  In other senses it doesn't :p

In thinking about the larger campaign area outside of the few hexes I detailed earlier, I'm considering using Romania, and particularly the Transylvania region as a rough model for the map.  The background itself has much more to do with the Norther Crusades and the Baltic, but the Baltic doesn't have enough mountains for my liking.  If you look at the South Western edge of what would qualify as "Transylvania," you'll see a little mountain valley with a river running through it that already looks pretty damn close to the initial campaign area.

I might not end up using this, and it will be awhile before I have a group at all, much less one whose venturing into the wider world.


  1. Interesting map. Where did you find it?

  2. I remember once looking through a map of Romania while playing in a friend's campaign. His campaign took place in an altered-history version of Europe around 1450. I pointed out to him a place on the map ominously and excitingly called 'The Iron Gate' and he immediately said "oh, there'll definitely be something cool there!"

  3. @ Dangerous Brian

    I just googled "Romania Physical Map"