Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nightwick Campaign Pitch

"Nightwick Abbey has lain in ruins for almost a century.  Built by power hungry Templars and mad Wizards, it now is home to only ghosts and goblins. Peasants refuse to work in the shadow of the ruined church, and at night eerie lights issue forth from its depths.  Many have tried to wrestle gold from the crypts which lie beneath, but few have returned.  Are you brave enough to seek your fortune in a demon-haunted dungeon?

A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game using the original rules."

This will go on the flyer, along with information about meeting time and my contact info.



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  2. I like it! I'd use "Knights" instead of "Templars" and maybe say "Goblins and Ghosts" instead of "Ghosts and Goblins," which sounds more whimsical than eerie to me. But this just may be the idiosyncracies of my own ears. The description would still appeal to me as a player, anyway.

  3. I am leaving up Kraxpelax's comment solely because of how bizarre it is.

  4. I read the last line of Kraxpelax's as 'Peter ingested Sweden' first time through.

    I do agree with Cole. "Ghosts and Goblins" sounds very Halloween to me.