Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hand Drawn Lychgate Map

This is the current working map for Lychgate, rendered in the style of Huge Ruined Scott's Dwarf-Land map, except for the settlements which use the key from the Rules Cyclopedia.  It only has those features that the PCs in my G+ Nightwick Abbey game, and therefore it lacks pagan villages, ruins, and monster lairs. 

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Once I have more of the hex contents figured out, I plan to redraw it to fix some of the little mistakes I made on this one and to use some more "iconic imagery" for the settlements.  When I do that one I'll start with the settlements first so that they don't get screwed up by the landscape like the castle in 0816 and Nightwick Abbey (1607).

I haven't labeled anything yet because my handwriting is absolutely abysmal - it took all my ability to write the name of the map in a way other human beings can read.  The swamp is the Great Swamp, the forest in the eastern section is the Fog-Bound Forest, the mountains are the Nameless Mountains, and the forest in the north is the Witchwood.

One final note: my use of the ACKS hex paper does not mean I'm using that system. Their sub-regional hex paper just happens to be about 1/4 the size of the larger Judges Guild paper. This allows me to break it down into manageable chunks, but will hopefully later allow me to have a Wilderlands map of my very own. 

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