Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nightwick Abbey Session Reports (Sessions 1 and 3)

I've started running Nightwick Abbey again on G+.  This time I've decided to use something more like Chris Kutalik's model where you have a core group of players with new players rotating in occasionally.  When I was running just the megadungeon part a few months ago, I was using Jeff Rients' model of a completely randomized pool.  While this worked well enough, I missed having players whose characters had goals.  Since the Hill Cantons' Nefarious Nine seemed to have a pretty good idea of what they wanted to do from session to session so I thought Chris must be doing something right.

Those of you who have played in my games online will remember that I give extra experience for Session Reports.  Here are three produced by the first two sessions.  I have labeled them using the character they played.

Session 1: Abraham Nermal
Session 3: Abraham NermalErasmus

I ran a somewhat spontaneous session on Wednesday that involved a few of the players in the regular group, but to my knowledge none of them have produced a play report.  Zzarchov (Abraham Nermal's player) also ran a game set in the Dark Country on Friday, which also has yet to produce a play report.

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