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Demons of Yavana

Because of my working on the Dwelling of Demons dungeon, I realized I needed to have some demons in my game that C&C doesn't provide stats for.  The list below is a weird mix of Gygax and Lovecraft - the latter portions coming from Realms of Crawling Chaos and the d20 Call of Cthulhu book.

Demons of Yavana
All demons (even least) may cast Darkness 15’ radius at will, teleport without error, and possess deepvision.

Dretch #1d6 (4d10) AC 15 HD 2 Move 20’ Attacks 3 (1d4/1d4/1d4+1) Save P  Pallid and bloated soldier-slaves of the demon world.  Can use stinking cloud once per day and scare and telekensis at will.  50% chance to gate 1d6 other dretches.  These will themselves try to gate their friends until there is a great horde.

Manes #4d4 (5d10 x 10) AC 11 HD 1 Move 20’ Attacks 3 (1d2/1d2/1d4) or 1 (weapon) Save P Nearly mindless remnants of souls sent to Hell.  When killed release an acid cloud (CON save or take 1d6 damage).

Messenger of the Outer Dark #1d6 (3d4) AC 15 HD 3 Move 20’/60’ (fly) Attacks 2 (1d4/1d4) Save M  Appear as rotting corpses with bits of shining black carapace.  If both attacks hit automatically deals 2d4 damage the next round.  Can fly through the Void to the Outer Dark.  10% chance to gate a Servant of the Outer Dark.

Moon Thing #3d4 (1d6x10 AC 11 HD 1 Move 30’ Attacks 1 (weapon) Save P Pallid squat beings from the moon.  Face is a mass of tentacles.  Serve as pirates and sailors on earth when summoned.  5% chance to gate Sin if he is freed.

Black Fiend # 1d3 (1d6) AC 20 HD 6 Move 40’ Attacks 3 (1d6/1d6/1d8) Save P Large, jet-black men with horns.   Only hurt by silver, magic, or fire. 70% chance to gate 1d3 black fiends, 50% to gate 1d8 least demons.

Daughter of the Night # 1d3 (1d6) AC 20 HD 6 Move 30’/60’ Fly Attacks 1 (weapon) Save M  Faceless women with sensous bodies.  Any who would desire female company and look upon them must make a CHA save or be charmed.  Save is made again the next day.  If failed new save is made again the next week.  If failed thrice the effect is permanent. 50% chance to gate 1d3 daughters of the Night, 70% chance for a single greater demon.

Oozing Guardian #1d3 AC 15 HD 5 (d10) Move 45’/30’ (climb) Attacks 4 (2d4) or 1 (swallow) Save P  Creatures of living black liquid.  Tendrils cut like steel or can swallow victim after successful grapple.  Victim who is swallowed will dissolve in 2d4 rounds.  30% chance to gate Servitor of the Outer Dark.

Rutterkin #1d3 (1d6) AC 20 HD 4 Move 30’ Attacks 1 (1d10) or 2 (1d6+1/1d6+1) Save P Malformed bullies of demons that communicate by telepathy.  Can cast fear (by touch), fly, and telekinesis (3 times per day).  50% chance to gate 1d8 least demons.

Servant of the Outer Dark #1d3 (1d6) AC 20 HD 5 (d12) Move 30’/90’ (fly) Attacks 6 (1d8 each) Saves P M  Frog-like beings that shift and writhe and dissolve and reform again.  Accompanied by a hideous piping.  All present must save (CHA) or begin dancing erratically as it devours them.  Only hit by +1 or better weapons.  50% chance to gate 1d8 least demons.

Being of Moloch #1d3 (1d6) AC 16 HD 9 Move 30’ (Hover) Attacks 1 (3d6) Save P  Sapient patches of radiation.  May levitate one being of man-size or smaller at will.  Often does this to desired victims. May spend one round moving erratically (gaining AC 22) before teleporting to any spot within the 50/32 hexmap.  Only hit by +1 or better weapons.  20% chance to gate another Being of Moloch.

The Dark One  #1d3 (1d6) AC 21 HD 9 Move 30’ Attacks 4 (2d4) or 1 (3d6) Saves P M  Giant, tree-like beings with goat feet and long tendrils, may attack either with tendrils or buy stomping prey.  Only hit by +1 or better weapons.  Causes fear to all who look upon it (Wisdom save negates.  Must only be made one time).  May cast Enlarge Animal and Entangle at will.  Speaks the secret language of animals.  20% chance to gate another Dark One.

Primordial One #1d4 (3d4) AC 15 HD 9 Move 15’ (land or swim) Attacks 3 (2d6/2d6/Swallow) Save P  Beings created by the Men of Gold out of the substance of demons.  Hit only with +1 or better weapons.  Regenerate 1d3 HP/round.  Enemies swallowed will dissolve in 2d4 rounds unless freed.  20% chance to gate another Primordial One.

Sin #Unique AC 26 HD 123hp (19d10) Move 90’ Attacks 1 (Weapon 3d10+12, Follow through as fighter of 19th level) Saves P M Pale blue demon from the moon who once helped rule The City of Pillars.  May cast detect magic and dancing lights at will.  May cast sleep thrice per day.  May cast phantasmal force at night regardless of moon phase. If the moon is gibbous or full, may summon a moonbeam (15d8, DEX save for half) thrice.  Gaze attack forces CON save (CL 15) or take an automatic 1d8 damage each round as he moves the blood inside of you.  He can focus this on just one person (CL 19) and gain complete control over their movements, but not their thoughts or speech.  70% to gate a Servants of the Outer Dark.

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