Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dinosaurs of Yavana

Castles & Crusades doesn't have a lot of dinosaurs so here are the ones that inhabit Yavana converted from AD&D.  I tried to have it so that certain types (club tail, long neck, duckbill) only had one representative so that I didn't have to describe minute differences between extinct animals.

Allosaurus #1d2 AC 14 HD 15 Move 120’ Attacks 3 (1d4, 1d4, 6d4) Save P  Vicious predator, can run across the ground at great speed.

Ankylosaurus #1d4+1 AC 19 HD 9 Move 30’ Attacks 1 (3d6) Save P Armadillo-like dinosaur with club tails and armored plating.  If attacked or threatened uses tail as club, otherwise docile.

Camarasaurus #2d4 AC 13 HD 20 Move 15’ Attacks 1 (3d4) Save P Swamp-dwelling Smallish (50’ long) long-necked dinosaurs.  Easily spooked.  Attack represents trample.

Compies #3d6 AC 14 HD 1 (1d4) Move 30’ Attacks 1 (1d3) Save P Small, carnivorous dinosaurs.  Hunt in groups.  10% chance a group will confer a disease as giant rat.

Dimetrodon #1d2 AC 15 HD 3-5  Move 30’ Attacks 1 (1d10+5) Save P  Sail-backed reptile ancestor of mammals.  You know the one.

Dinichthys #1d4 AC 13 HD 10 Move 60’ (swim) Attacks 1 (5d4) Save P Actually giant mean fish, not dinosaurs.

Elasmosaurus #1d2 AC 12 HD 15 Move 60’ (Swim) Attacks 1 (4d6) Save P  Long necked reptiles of the loch-ness type.

Mosasaurus #1d3 AC 12 HD 12 Move 10’/60’ (swim) Attacks 1 (4d8) Save P Crocodile-like marine dinosaur that goes on little flippers.

Orintholestes #2d6 AC 15 HD 2 Move 60’ Attacks 1 (2d4) Save P Man-sized predators that run incredibly fast.  Feast on men and on dinosaur eggs.

Plateosaurus #5d4 AC 14 HD 8 Move 30’ Attacks 1 (2d4) Save P These are panicky herbivores that go on two legs.  Attack represents trampling.

Plesiosaur #1d3 AC 12 HD 20 Move 60’ (swim) Attacks 1 (5d4) Save P  large (50’ long) marine loch-ness type.

Pterosaur, Giant #1d8 AC 14 HD 6 (d10) Move 10’/60’ (fly) Attacks 1 (3d4) Save P  Giant flying lizard that can carry off a large horse.

Raptor #1d6 AC 15 HD 4 (d10) Move 60’ + 5’ Jump Attacks 3 (1d2/1d2/2d4) or 1 (2d6) after jump Save P Technically deinonychus, but everybody calls them raptors.  Have bright feathers.

Trachodon #2d6 AC 14 HD 12 Move 60’ Attacks 1 (1d8) Save P  Duck-billed dinosaurs of the plant eating sort.  Run from attack; only defense is lashing tail.

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