Monday, June 20, 2011

Corrected Ilion Map

click to embiggen

Here is a slightly edited version of my earlier map.  Il Male of The Yaqqothl Grimoire pointed out that it was weird that the numbers were on the bottoms of the hexes, which prompted me to look at my old Wilderlands maps.  I've changed them to be more in accordance with tradition.

Which brings me to a couple of weird things about hexographer.  I don't really like the default numbering system, which starts at 0 on both ends and has a weird dot in the middle.  Also, for some reason some of the coastlines keep disappearing when I mess with the hex types, so I've tried to add them back in this version.


  1. I like the terrain placement.

    Related: I'm taking an informal poll...what does a blank green hex represent?

  2. In this case it represents "clear" land which might have small wooded areas but is mostly easy to traverse. It's different from grassland, which would look a bit more like the Russian steppe.

    On other maps I use it for cultivated farmland, though obviously that would be way too much farmland for this setting. I mostly use it because I don't really like the way Hexographer's grasslands icons make the map look.