Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whatever Happened to the Dark Country?

I'm sure many of you have noticed that there has been a considerable slowdown in Dark Country and Nightwick Abbey related posts that aren't play reports.  The reason for this is quite simple: I've described it already.  Obviously there are things I haven't thought of yet, but my players haven't encountered them yet either so I haven't had a reason to develop them.

Aside from revising the overland map constantly, I haven't really added all that much since session 1.  The party has yet to descend to the second level of the dungeon and much of the first level remains unexplored.  Hell, I added several sections to the first level because I was worried it was too small but they have yet to go beyond the bounds of the original map.

I've stopped doing Monster Monday posts because the monsters I'm using have either already been described or are close enough to their implementation in D&D to make it pointless.  This is also partly why I haven't discussed doing some kind of download or product related to the setting.  It's too reliant on AD&D and Labyrinth Lord and you guys all have access to those books already.

What I'm ultimately saying is that I haven't lost interest in the Dark Country and replaced it with side projects. It's still my baby and theres a reason I haven't started running a campaign of something else.  It's not going away, but I do need some more time to get the creative juices flowing again and to let my players bump into things I haven't described in Dark Country terms yet.

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  1. Cool. Glad to hear you are still enthusiastic about the setting.