Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 18 and 1/2

I say 18 and 1/2 instead of 19 because we didn't get to play very long.  A freak storm blew through East Tennessee and caused a large amount of damage so we quit early to go see about the damages.  I will note that a tree barely missed our car, and took out the power lines in front of the house where we have D&D.  I have a policy to make sure I can run D&D when the power goes out, but the level of destruction was enough to distract everyone from the game and send them home during a lull in the storm.

The whole gang was there and we picked up exactly where we left off at session 18, the second level of the dungeon.  Slimey the thief failed to spot a pit trap, which sent him and the Frogling, Jop, tumbling into it.  Luckily for Jop, his Frogling abilities negated the falling damage, and Slimey only took a measly one point.  Jop then bounded out of the pit and snatched the rope away from Ffraid.  He threatened to leave Slimey in the pit unless Slimey ignored the debt Jop owed him from a botched carousing roll a few weeks back.  However, the Frogling eventually relented and allowed Slimey up without any deal.

However, at that time a terrible shape appeared from behind the party.  The thing was round, and covered in strange eye stalks.  I refused to let a player help me find the mini so that I might surprise them with it's appearance.  Once I had placed it down the party began to panic.  They one initiative and those that were still on the side of the pit it was on attempted to leap across.  Except for Roger le Douche.  His player had more or less guessed that a Beholder is unlikely to show up on the third level of a dungeon, and this was probably a more bizarre and less threatening creature.

Luckily for me the party was too panicky to hear him, and so after he missed with his crossbow, Pillsen used the first charge from Shazam's Staff of Power.  His lightning bolt popped the creature like a balloon and covered the hallway they had come down with strange, phosphorescent spores.  They decided not to leave just yet, and so continued exploring the second level.

At one point they discovered a room filled with crates of rotting grain that smelled vaguely of alcohol.  Slimey decided to light the crates aflame in the hopes that the smoke might lead them to an exit that doesn't involve spores.  At this point we became aware of the torrential downpour and more or less called it a night.

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