Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star Trek Races for Labyrinth Lord

When I originally discussed using Trek aliens in Aklyrell  I meant something similar to Jeff Rients's hobgoblins from Cinder.  However, Jeff mentioned that it would be cool to have racial classes for various Trek species, and I couldn't agree more.  Here they are.

I'm not entirely comfortable with their xp charts as some of them have abilities that are wildly different from the other racial classes.  Still, I think they work out alright.

Requirements: 12 STR, 9 CON
Prime Requisite: STR
Hit Dice: d8
Maximum Level: 10
Saves: as Fighter, but see below
Attack Table: as Fighter

Andorians are members of a warrior race from beyond the stars.  Scholars and mad wizards claim that once they were allies with the Vulcanians and Humans.  Together they built a prospering empire in the heavens.  Today that is all shattered.  Andorians constantly war with other races or serve as mercenaries.  They are honorable, but they are also brash and enjoy the thrill of combat.

Andorians have a heightened metabolism that causes them to heal 1d6 hitpoints per day regardless of whether or not they were able to rest.  In cold weather climates Andorians heal 1 hp per round in a manner similar to  a Troll. The blue skinned humanoids also gain a save against level drain, and may roll 2d20 taking the highe result against Ghoul paralysis.  This metabolism also has a negative effect, as Andorians always roll two saves vs. Poison taking the lower result.

Andorians are trained from birth in the ways of the warrior.  As such they may use any weapon or armor except helmets.  Their antennae prevent human helmets from fitting them and an Andorian will never shame his family by covering them.

An Andorian's antennae greatly increase their perception.  They can find secret doors on a 1-2 on a 1d6 and can hear noise as a Thief of equal level.  If a natural 20 is rolled in an attack against an Andorian it means that one of the antennae has been severed.  The Andorian must roll a save vs. Petrify or Paralysis or fall unconscious for 3d6 turns.  An Andorian takes a -1 penalty on all attack rolls as well as any other rolls the Labyrinth Lord believes would be affected by balance for a period of 24 hours.  The antenna will regrow in 1d12 days, though this may be halved by a cure light wounds spell.

Reaching 9th Level:  When an Andorian reaches 9th level they may build a stronghold in the wilderness.  When they do so they effectively create a new warrior clan, attracting disaffected Andorians looking for glory and honor.  The Andorian character acts as their leader and may also hire members of other races to perform non-combat tasks.

Andorian Advancement Table

Requirements: STR 17, CON 15, INT 13
Prime Requisite: STR, INT
Hit Dice: d8
Maximum Level: 12
Alignment Restriction: Vulcans are always Lawful
Saves: as Dwarf
Attack Table: as Fighter

Vulcans are pointed eared demihumans who follow a philosophy based around logic.  They are strikingly similar to Elves, whom they call Romulans, but do possess mental and physical powers which differ from that race.

A Vulcan character may perform a nerve pinch on any demihuman or humanoid opponent they can touch.  To do so they must make a to hit roll.  If successful the opponent immediately falls unconscious as if struck by the sleep spell.  Vulcans also posses astounding mental abilities.  A Vulcan may attempt to read minds as per the ESP spell at will. 

Vulcan physiology is very different from that of humans.  They are immune to most diseases that can be contracted by humans, though there are diseases that affect Vulcans.  The nature of these diseases, and the decision of whether or not they are dangerous to humans, is up to the individual Labyrinth Lord.

Vulcans are astute scholars of the natural world.  A Vulcan character may concoct potions in the same manner as an Alchemist if given a lab.

Vulcans may wear any armor and use any weapon or shield; however, they must have at least one hand free to use their mental abilities or nerve pinch.

Reaching 9th Level:  At 9th Level a Vulcan may establish an Academy of Logic.  This academy attracts like minded Vulcans to engage in philosophical and scientific study.  Since Vulcans are capable fighters they may also be rallied to defend the academy if it is ever in danger.

Advancment Table
748,801/10/+3hp only
1,497,601/11/+6hp only
2,995,200/12/+12hp only

Requirements: STR 18, CON 15
Prime Requisite: CON
Hit Dice: d10
Maximum Level: 8
Saves: as Dwarf
Attack Table: as Fighter

Gorns are intelligent, humanoid reptiles with compound eyes and wicked claws.  While they may appear similar to lizardfolk to a layman, they are far more intelligent and tend to inhabit dryer areas.  Gorns are immense when compared to humans, standing almost as tall as a Bugbear.  Their size allows them to carry more weight than a human (treat as one encumbrance category lower than a human carrying equal weight) and increases the damage of any weapon they use by one die type.

Their strange eyes give them infravision 60ft and help them to see irregularities in passages or caverns.  This means they can spot secret doors, subtle slopes, or other anomalies on a 1-2 on 1d6.  Their tough hide affords them some amount of protection, equivalent to leather armor.  This does not stack with any armor they may wear since a weapon capable of penetrating plate or mail can also penetrate their skin.

Gorns are cold blooded and therefore take a -1 penalty to all actions in cold environments.  They also do not appear clearly to creatures who use infravision to see, surprising on such monsters on a 1-3 on 1d6.  Oddly enough, this does not affect other Gorns.

Gorns are trained in the use of all weapons and armor.

Gorn Advancment Table


  1. You forgot to add vulnerability to the Gorn.

    Make shift diamond firing cannons. :)

  2. These are great! Are you anti-Vulcan Mind Meld for some reason?

  3. No Tellarites, Orions or tiny gold guys?

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    @ Jeff: in my few moments of doing research for their abilities I found that Vulcans can actually use psychic powers without touching someone. They just consider it gauche. I decided they'd forgotten how rude it was after being stranded on a medieval fantasy world for generations.

    @hüth: I couldn't really figure out what to give Tellarites or Orions that would make them worth being a separate class. I suppose I could work something out for the Slave Women, but the men aren't really much different from humans. If you want Tellarites I would just use dwarves. I don't remember the little gold guys off the top of my head.

    @ Fred: A glaring oversight on my part ;)

  5. So Vulcans can cast Sleep at will (assuming a to-hit)?

  6. Only on one humanoid or demihuman target, but yeah kinda.

  7. Orions: mind-affecting pheremones (maybe a selection from charm or sleep chosen at chargen), maybe some piratey or thief-like abilities.

    Tellarites would be able to build traps, smell stuff, maybe infrared vision and would have a massive resistance to anything mind-affecting.

    Tiny gold guys are halfling-tiny, and be expert bargainers, allowing the party to get better resale on stuff or cheaper deals in town–or have a 'payoff' attack, where some monster reactions may allow them to bargain in unusual circumstances–they have an uncanny knack to hypothesize what creatures may value more than adventurers' skins.