Saturday, December 7, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Session 10: TPK -1

Not... exactly...

Characters Present
Ermel the Dagger - Karslish Human Ranger 3 (Deceased) (writer of the recap)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish Human Rogue 3
Lucius Winterfell - Fair Changeling Warlock Hexblade 3 (Deceased)
Arcturus - Dwarven Rune Knight 3 (Deceased)

26th of November
Delegation of elves, small, came to Nightwick to talk to knights and one stayed in Nightwick after, asking for Lucius. Name's Sugarplum. He's in a hut on the edge of the Fog-bound Forest. He wants Lucius to gather bad and naughty children and put them in the pear wiggler for their sings [sic]. Later we follow a druid named Mervyyn to Nightwick Abbey! We go to 2nd floor (B). We find a room that appears to be an employee's room for devil-men and we leave there and find another room with papers on the floor with 2 cultists licking red blood from the wall. We then go to the other side of the devil-men congregation and Arcturus asks to the see the manager. The manager comes...

[Text ends here, as does the journey of Ermel the Dagger.  How Adran Wildedagger - the only survivor - got the text out is unknown.]

Treasure Gained

XP for the Surviving Player

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