Tuesday, December 17, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Session 11: Suffer Little Children

I have elected to do my own recounting of events for the last session because I think relying on Chris's was making me lazy.

Characters Present
Mrs. Claus - a human druid dedicated to some weird combination of Father Winter, St Santa Claus and the Krampus (level 2)
Gwenifer Nightwick - another druid and member of the Circle of the Moon (level 2)
Poul - a frogling barbarian from Unknown Lands (level 2)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish human rogue (level 3)
Flint Lichtbringer - Dwarfish paladin and member of the Order of the Elk (level 4)

December 10th, 1395

  • Mrs. Claus and Gwenifer, while on the road to Nightwick, encountered a strange, masked Elf riding a reign deer.  His mount suddenly pitched and he fell, clutching his chest.  As they went to investigate, he stood back up and asked them if they were children of the Old Gods. They replied in the affirmative and he said that he felt a servant of Father Winter perish and placed on them the duty of rounding up naughty children to be taken to be punished by Knecht Ruprecht. Knecht Ruprecht must punish the children, absolving them of their naughtiness, so they are not taken away by fouler creatures in the winter.
  • Adran and Flint were looking for new room-mates when they met Poul, a frogling of martial aspect, and later the two druids. These seemed suitable companions to the twain - Flint's order has not the hatred of Paganry found in other Lawful sects.
  • Gwenifer turned into a potato bear and perched herself on Mrs. Claus shoulder as she went to ask a group of old women about children in the village.  Asking around they found out about a "knitting club" of old women where much of the gossip of the town was discussed. Mrs. Claus found this delightful and made her way there.
  • The knitting bee as held in a largish peasant hovel made quite smokey (and warm) by a great fire. As the two druids had guessed, these women were of pagan persuasion and quickly knew their business (and saw through Gwenifer's disguise). They learned that there were three notably naughty children in the village - Elbel, a weird boy who flies kites at night and whistles near the Fog-bound Forest, Czylle who refuses to help her mother clean, and Bartke who "ate a grub" in the Fog-bound Forest and now only says "the name of the Devil."
  • The party then split up to acquire these children. Mrs. Claus and Poul went to get Elbel, Gwenifer and Adran went after Bartke, and Flint went to acquire Czylle.
  • Elbel was outside a wood cutting camp at the edge of the woods, whistling while the woodsmen shook their heads in sadness. Mrs. Claus decided to tempt him with cookies and then to have Poul strike him with a club if necessary. They found that Elbel only whistled aggressively when talked to, and that he was one of those little boys who is always wet. After some attempt with the cookies, a frustrated Poul hit him with a stick and stuffed him in a bag.
  • Adran and Gwenifer found that the mother of their quarry was quite willing to get rid of him, and that he was clearly possessed. He would only intermittently scream "Armadeus, Moloch, Furcas," etc.  His mother was very sad, but was happy that a pagan woman had come to help as she did not trust the Church of Law.
  • Flint found Czylle alone on the stoop of her house, and was able to convince her to wear a pair off manacles "so she could be a famous actress."  "It's all for a part, I promise."
  • The party then tied them all in a large bag, put it in a newly purchased cart, and made their way to Knightpath.
  • On their way they found a troop of dogheads picking over the remnants of a frogling caravan. Battle ensued, with Gwenifer changing forms twice - first assuming the form of a great bear and then again turning into a hideous spider. Mrs. Claus spent her time watching the children while the others did battle, occasionally attempting to convince Czylle of some fact about dragons that was completely preposterous. Czylle, for her part, simply said "uh huh" over and over in rapid succession.
  • Once in Knightpath, they were directed to the village midwife, one of the few women left after the ravages of recent warfare. She was able to point them to three more children - Ute, whose mother is convinced is a lying changeling, Arnest who throws sharpened sticks at people, and Fricz who "killed a bird in an unsavory manner."
  • The druids went after Ute, finding that there was a case of mistaken identity involved. Ute's brother, Dompring, was bright green and had huge, almond eyes. He was chasing his sister about with a rushlight while their mother, in a dull monotone, insisted that "you have to let your brother set your hair on fire. You're just a changeling." Realizing the issue, the druids snatched up Dompring and left before the mother could protest.
  • Adran and Poul found Arnest in the middle of the village, chewing on sticks like a beaver. Instead of debating a method of capture, Poul simply asserted "worked last time" and hit the kid with a stick.
  • Flint found Fricz playing with his kill while his mother cried. Fricz had made a marionette out of the bird, insisted that he was "birdie the bird" and made sure to shove the dead creature in Flint's face as much as possible. Flint continued his lie about being a traveling entertainer, and noted that he needed a puppeteer for his troupe.  Fricz mother merely stared into the middle distance as her boy was taken away...
Treasure Gained
Some goods I forget how much and Chris didn't write it down.

XP Gained

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