Friday, December 13, 2019

News from the Dark Country: A Battle Looms

1395 has been a year of battles. Two already have been fought between the forces of Man and the forces of the White Lady - in fact I was in the middle of describing one of those campaigns - and two more between the forces of Bishop Notker and Arnawald of Waldheim.

Now this evening, a greater battle will be fought - or at least one of more numinous importance: a battle for the soul of Christmastide! Even as I write a coven of hags, led by the infamous Goody Gallows, has aligned itself with Yimsleyite rebels and the forces of the White Lady. Their goal: to awaken a terrifying and vengeful aspect of Father Winter that they believe will freeze all, saving only truehearted pagans.

Even as they do this the Howling Kommandos make ready for war! They prepare to leave for the Fog-bound Forest to do battle at the very foot of the Tomb of Father Winter itself. Can they stop the long winter? Which of the forces truly represents the will of St Santa Claus?  Will it finally be a Merry Christmas in the Dark Country?


  1. Johanna d'Ligne is happy to report that Christmas has been saved thanks to a well placed goose. Saint Santa Claus couldn't be prouder.

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