Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Witchfort Campaign Part 2


Once at the city's outer walls, they found that a number of mercenary companies were encamped, though these all seemed to be about to leave because the Bishop felt he had recruited all the troops he needed with other mercenaries and the Knights of the Elk. Whelp, a former associate of the Howling Kommandos who had helped him against the cultists/bandits organized under Big Jean many years ago, met with them and helped them in negotiating the aid of the Company of the Goose. In private Whelp and Stavros began debating how they might gain some dominion over the goose, hoping that at some point the party's cleric, Johana de Ligne, might eventually be able to control animals. Whelp was also able to inform them that the time he had spent in the Witchwood had made him realize that time passes differently under its eternally autumnal boughs. They would need to make sure they had knowledge of how to get to the Witchfort from some expert scouts who had been in the forest many times.

The party then negotiated contracts with all the remaining companies, with Stavros planning to keep on both the Company of the Goose and the Corbies while Abraham took the Company of Devil's on as his personal man catchers for the jail he has been constructing. The other companies were signed on temporarily, with most agreeing to help take the Witchfort and to hold onto it only for a month. Abraham also gathered together a number of camp followers to serve as cannon fodder.

The party then made its way into the city where they interrogated some of the Bishop's guards. They were able to determine the layout of the fort as well as the fact that it had an escape tunnel they may be able to use for a commando raid. Thus the party formed a plan: the mercenaries would assault the fortress proper while the Party would enter the escape tunnel and seek to gain access to the fortress interior and either make off with the captives or open the gates to allow their forces inside. The Brown Company would follow after them to create chaos and perhaps open the doors while they secured the prisoners.  Stavros had made friends with Fulk, the Brown Company's commander, after besting him in a brawl.

Then they made into the city itself...

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