Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Witchfort Campaign Part 3

Paladin Lord Fitzgerald, Leader of the Order of the Elk

The party was then invited to meet with the leader of the Order of the Elk, Paladin Lord Fitzgerald. Stavros had been under the impression that he was "fake," a kind of scapegoat meant to tie the Order of the Elk to Yimsleyite Rebels (who sometimes use the initials PLF for the Pagan Liberation Front). During the meeting, Fitzgerald revealed that the Knights of the Elk had captured a spy belonging to Arnawald the Black Eagle of Waldheim and that he was going to encourage his men in the south to rebel against Bishop Notker in tandem with an invasion by Arnawald around September. Fitzgerald's men had sent a false spy in his place in order to convince the men that their rebellion should happen earlier and were even now raising an army to go crush it in order to foil Arnawald's plan.

Arnawald wished to declare the Bishop a heretic for not yet killing the infamous Stavros and Kozel and martial in open war against him. Fitzgerald believes that Arnawald is himself a servant of Armadeus due to his missing eye. The party seemed swayed by this theory.  They agreed to let the Knights of the Elk take over the Witchfort, relieving it from the mercenaries. In return Fitzgerald agreed to provide them with a group of siege engineers, needed for attacking a fort, but lamented that he could not provide more aid as he was preparing to attack the army in the south.

The leadership of the Howling Kommandos then went to rest outside the city walls with their men.  The morning they were meant to leave, they were greeted by a parade of guards, clerics, and froglings.  Among them was none other than Bishop Notker the Unshaven himself, who made it clear to the Howling Kommandos that the fort would revert to his hands if it were recaptured, though he did so in an extremely passive aggressive way.  Once his intent was made clear he blessed the party. The van Toad Trading House also provided a group of Frogling gunners for the campaign.

The party then made their way south, camped once again in the ruins of Vollage, and then prepared to spend the next day in the Witchwood...

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