Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Rid of Witches

I've said several times that the Witch is one of my favorite classes to add to D&D; however, I'm thinking about removing it from the Nightwick Abbey campaign.  While I have a very good context for the Druid, the Witch  makes surprisingly little sense in this campaign roughly modeled on a dark version of Medieval Europe.  The chief issue is that Magic-Users in my setting already fill my "bargains with demons" niche, and I like my conception of them far too much to change it.  For now, I'll be allowing Druids as priests of the Old Gods, and removing Witches from the campaign setting for the time being.  It is possible they will show up in the Underworld though.

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  1. In my book, witches fit in to any fantasy or horror setting. Good to meet you guys last night.