Monday, November 29, 2010

A Quick Question

Is anyone else trying to import AD&D/OSRIC/AEC classes into a game thats using the LotFP encumbrance/armor system?  How did you do it?

Sorry about the lack of a Monster Monday, but I'm a bit swamped right now.  Regular posting will return the week after next.


  1. I can't figure out what encumbrance has to do with classes, are you just having problems with letting anyone wear any armour?

  2. Basically yes, though I see the rules as intimately tied together (possibly erroneously).

    The big problem I have is with Druids.

  3. Just treat druids like magic users. They can't realistically wear anything heavier than leather, and if they're really laden with gear or loot they have to spend a turn dropping and shrugging off their burdens before they can talk to that badger.

    Or maybe make an exception for them. Say something like:
    Due to the unique nature of their powers druids may only be clad in those materials which are closest to a natural state. This mainly includes leather (although some kind of crazy bark armour would be okay) and strictly forbids the use of metal garments.
    So druids can carry bulging hiking backpacks full of roots and grubs and sprigs of mistletoe and massive jars of patchouli oil and encumber themselves until they can barely move but can't throw on a chain mail tunic without muffling their connection to nature and losing their powers.

  4. If I remember right AD&D druids can only wear non-metal armors, because that would interfere with their magic.