Saturday, November 13, 2010

Labyrinth Lord House Rules

Here is the first draft of my Labyrinth Lord houserules for Nightwick Abbey.  They are in no particular order.

1)  3d6 Assign to Taste -- If you want to assign them in order, go right ahead.

2)  Use HD from Advanced Edition Compendium.

3)  Use Common Abilities from LotFPWFRPG.

4)  Replace the Thief class with the Specialist Class.

5)  Druids from the AEC are available as a Human class.

6)  Ascending AC.  Unarmed Human starts at 10 AC.

7)  Use Encumbrance rules from LotFPWFRPG.  This includes removing weapon and armor restrictions.

8) Reroll any result of a 1 or a 2 on starting HP.

9) Use Small/Medium/Large weapon rules from LotFPWFRPG.

10) Fighters gain Follow Through.  When they kill an enemy, the may make an additional attack against an adjacent enemy.  They can do this until enemies stop dying.

11) 10% on money spent on genre or character appropriate actions is gained in XP.

12) Only Human or Changeling characters to start, but future characters can be of other races.

13) Magic-Users can only gain spells from research, scrolls and captured spell books.

14) Use magic research rules from LotFPWFRPG.

15) Magic-Users must have their hands free to cast spells.  That means no weapons or torches.

16) Some secret doors and traps will use different die types for detection a la AD&D.

That's it for now.  I'm sure more will come up during extended play.  Now that I look at it, I'm really playing a hybrid of LotFPWFRPG and LL.  Oh well.


  1. 15) Magic-Users must (sic) have their hands free to cast spells. That means no weapons or torches.

    But what about a wand or staff?

  2. Thanks for catching that, it has been corrected.

    And I'll make an exception for wands and staffs.

  3. There is a creeping LotFP influence in my own LL house rules, nice to be able to lift some of the best bits (encumbrance, research, etc).

    One question on your bit about spending XP is that on top of treasure for XP or an alternative to it?

  4. That's on top of it. As B/X Blackrazor has noted, B/X D&D levels kinda slowly. It's a very minor stop gap for that. Also, Scott has been using it in his online game and I rather like its effects.