Sunday, November 14, 2010

Underworld Map 1 Redux

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I took Joe's advice from my previous post and switched the hex height and width.  Hopefully this has made it a bit more appealing to the eye.  Also, I have changed the vegetation to fit a jungle environment for use in the Underworld.  This will replace my previous attempt at Underworld Campaign Map 1.  I haven't begun placing lairs and settlements yet, but I will shortly.

The big hexes are 50 miles across, and the smaller hexes are 10 miles across.  A party can travel 3 hexes in a day, +1 if there is a road and -1 for each complicating terrain type.  Roll for random encounters once per hex.

Here is one without the big hexes for those who prefer it that way.

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Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: The original image was a bit grainy so I uploaded a different picture.  I also added another version of the map.  If there is any interest I'll do a similarly scaled version of the less jungle-y version I originally posted.

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