Saturday, November 6, 2010

News from Places Deep

  1. Last Thursday I met with a few people to talk about running NIghtwick Abbey.  I'm scheduled for a test run later this month, and with any luck I'll soon have a regular campaign.
  2. If this works out, I'm going to have to cancel the online game I run.  I should be able to continue playing in Scott's Stonehell game, but I may have to quit that as well.
  3. In discussing the campaign with them, I've decided to switch it from the White Box to Labyrinth Lord plus a copious amount of house-rules largely taking from Raggi's Game.  These will be posted whenever I have a working draft.
  4. I'm working on a few entries for the Petty Gods project, and I may or may not post those on this blog in the near future.  I'm very enthusiastic about this project, and it has made me sad that my setting is more or less monotheistic.  Maybe I can work them into the Underworld.
  5. During the week of Thanksgiving I will be back in my hometown.  I've already made arrangements for my old group to get together for a short OSD&D game.  This game will be set in either the Underworld, the World of Nightwick, or the Wilderlands.  I have not yet decided, but a play report will go up on this blog when it happens.

I hope to have a more substantive post later today.

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